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Parenting Must Always Come Before Politics

parenting-must-always-come-before-politicsI’m not American, but like many others across the globe, Wednesday’s result floored me.

I allowed politics to get in the way of parenting, and that is not okay at all!

I was in pieces over the result first thing, and my mood only declined throughout the day. I allowed myself to become consumed by what was going on in the world, completely to the detriment of what was happening inside my own four walls. I went against all my self-imposed rules about time spent on social media, and I cracked open the vino just before 4pm. In fairness that was one of my better decisions, because after the first glass I didn’t care so much anymore. Still, it’s not good is it?

Getting drunk whilst in charge of three kids

To become so embroiled in politics that my only coping mechanism was to get pissed. I wasn’t the only person who went down that particular road though, going by my Facebook feed people started drowning their sorrows much earlier than I did.

I’m starting to understand how it happened, and for what it’s worth I disagree wholeheartedly with the far-righters (or whatever they call themselves). The ones who are saying that this is a sign of independent thinking, and spout on about neoliberalism being at fault. I find this seriously ironic given how affluent these obama-quotepeople usually are, but there you go. I also disagree that it only happened because so many hate Hillary, and Bernie would have saved the day given half the chance.

I think it’s pretty obvious that it happened because people were promised that their lives would become a whole load better under a Trump administration. Perhaps it’s a combination of my Jewish heritage, and having spent time in Cambodia thirty years after Pol Pot but his legacy living on, that puts me on the defensive about Trump. Only time will tell of course – he may or may not be a horrendous president. While I won’t be holding my breath, I’m (just about) willing to keep an open mind.

The thing is, I have a crap ton of real life issues to contend with, and Donald Trump ain’t the top of my list

Things I need to tackle first, in no particular order…

  • Our hot water has been broken for over a week, and the engineers promising to fix it have been useless.
  • Freddy is still up every night.
  • Polly isn’t doing much better, but even when she sleeps, she wakes up super grumpy and picks fights (often as early as 5-something).
  • Clara didn’t get an invite to the first birthday party that is being thrown since starting school.
  • Polly sometimes refuses to do any learning, and cites feeling sad as the reason why. Seven year olds shouldn’t feel this sad this often. I desperately want to help her, but feel so utterly helpless.
  • Clara’s arms and hands are red raw and flaky (eczema? urticaria? rosacea?), but she won’t let me put any cream on them.
  • I’ve lost confidence in my abilities as a writer, and can’t even bear looking at my novel right now, let alone continuing with the edit or submitting it to agents.

hating-is-for-the-weakSo there you go, a snapshot of my life. As you can see, there’s plenty here to worry about without wasting my precious little energy on what’s happening in the US.

The conclusion I’ve come to, is that my children need my presence more than social media needs my outrage.

Parenting must always come before politics. Always!


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