paleo lemon blondies
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Recipe: Probiotic Paleo Lemon Blondies

paleo lemon blondies

Although my hubby would string me up for saying this, sometimes I fancy cake that isn’t of the chocolate variety. To him it isn’t a real pudding unless it contains cacao, which is how I know I’ve created something amazing here, because it got his seal of approval. Not only are these paleo lemon blondies free from all the usual (gluten, grains, refined sugar) they are bursting with probiotic goodness.

My family have been eating the paleo way for a few years now, and I mainly use nuts in place of flour. This particular recipe was inspired largely by my biggest baking success so far, which can be found over on my GAPS blog, six ingredient chocolate brownies. The end result here are not too sweet blondies – my ideal dessert. I just don’t know how anyone would want to eat something so sweet it feels your teeth are about to fall out. Using live yoghurt (or kefir cultured milk) is a wonderful way of sneaking extra probiotics into everyone’s diet.

Ingredients for 8 Probiotic Paleo Lemon Blondies

3 eggs
250ml live goats yoghurt
50ml lemon juice
100g cashew nuts
100g pecan nuts
100g dates
50g coconut flour
Goats butter or oil for greasing
(Icing) 50g softened goats butter
Tbsp honey


– preheat the oven to 160C and grease a 20cm cake tin or silicone mould

– put the goats butter and honey into a little bowl to allow it to melt while you are preparing the cake

paleo lemon blondies– chuck all the cake ingredients into your blender or food processor, and whiz up on a high setting until you have a batter that resembles a thick shake

– pour said batter into the greased tin and bake for 30 minutes

– when the cake has cooled down enough to ice, simply whip up the soft butter/honey mix and spread over the top

– store leftovers in the fridge

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  1. These look incredible and the comment about your choc loving husband made me giggle. I’m having to stay away from my usual dark chocolate due to migraines so need to make these, although what can I use instead of nuts, dessicated coconut perhaps? Fab post. Thanks for linking up to #tastytuedays

  2. Your cake looks and sounds like my cup of tea. I absolutely love nuts in cakes in place of flour. I have just received a bag of coconut flour. Do you just use it like you would regular flour?

  3. mummytries says:

    It’s lovely to have a change! Thanks so much for dropping by 🙂

  4. mummytries says:

    It really is a fab way to eat isn’t it, I’m so pleased it’s working for you. Hope you enjoy this recipe hon, I’ll be keen to know how you get on if you do give it a go 🙂

  5. Lemon desserts are a good substitute for chocolate ones – so everyone wins! Love that this is such a healthy choice too – Now just to find some of the ingredients and I’m set!


    .:Marta @

  6. This looks amazing. I’ve recently gone Paleo (with a few cheats), and it has made me feel so much better. I will definitely give this recipe a go. Yummm! #tastytuesdays

  7. mummytries says:

    Thanks my lovely. I try and buy my nuts and coconut in bulk as it’s soooo much cheaper – I go through a company called Natural Choice and they’re fab. If I get caught short though, Tiana are a great brand and they are in most health food shops, Ocado, Waitrose. Not sure about the other supermarkets though xx

  8. mummytries says:

    tee hee, there’s plenty to go around and they are very filling with all the nuts!

  9. mummytries says:

    Hi there, ask away I love questions!

    If you have a powerful blender/food processor you should be able to chuck everything in, if you don’t then it’s definitely best to grind or finely chop the nuts and dates first. Cows milk and butter would also work just fine, it’s just that we don’t eat it. Coconut flour is very very fine coconut so slightly different from desiccated although I’ve used desiccated coconut in cakes and it works really well… hope you enjoy the recipe, please let me know how you get on 🙂

  10. This sounds great- I’m keen to try it. Some newbie questions…. Is coconut flour different to dedicated coconut? Do the nuts break up in your mixer or should I use a blender? Do you think it would be ok to use cow rather than goat yogurt? I had a bad experience with goats milk as a child and I can’t stand goat products now!! Sorry for all the questions!

  11. mummytries says:

    I love that blender, I’ve had it for almost three years and have used it every single day. Seriously it was the best money kitchen wise I have ever spent. I’ll be keen to hear how you get on with coconut yoghurt hon. Hope you’re feeling better today 🙂

  12. mummytries says:

    They are super yum x

  13. mummytries says:

    Keep me posted!

  14. mummytries says:

    Please let me know how you get on if you give them a go 🙂

  15. Ooh they look lovely! Not sure I could share those, however. 🙂

  16. These look lovely R, and you know I’m all over anything that’s cow-dairy free too! Where do you buy coconut flour from? x

  17. Oooh these sound lovely, I’ll have to add these to my list to try #TastyTuesdays

  18. Wow this looks amazing. Such a great idea to add yoghurt too. Definitely something in going to try making. #tastytursday

  19. That sounds really healthy! Will have to give it a try! x

  20. Oh my word that looks and sounds sooooo great!!!! I could really do with a slice of that right now (you know the pain!). Once I am back up and running I am going to try and make coconut yoghurt so I could make something like this that the whole family could eat! Sounds devine. I am very jealous that you have a Vitamix!!

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