Polly Tries: Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes with Caramel Buttercream

paleo chocolate cupcakes

My 9yo Polly wrote this blog and took the photos herself. These paleo chocolate cupcakes are an adaption of an old recipe of mine Polly found in a cooking journal from the early naughties. She changed lots of the ingredients so the recipe would be grain free and much lower in sugar. Please note, I have not edited this post.

Hi everyone Polly here. I haven’t written a blog in about a year so I’m going to write one. I was just slouching around and I didn’t really now what to do with my day so I thought I would write a blog. I’m 9 now so writing is easier! This is literally the best paleo chocolate cupcake recipe ever. A couple of days ago I made it for loads of friends (they loved it) hope you like it too. Let’s get started!


paleo chocolate cupcakes
Ingredients to make 12 cupcakes:
100g Ground Almonds
62g Coconut Sugar
15g Cacao Powder
37g Good Quality melted Butter
100ml Milk
1 large egg (If small 2)
1/2 Tea Spoon bicarb
For the buttercream:
100g Butter softened
1 table spoon Honey
For the caramel:
100g butter
100g coconut sugar
paleo chocolate cupcakes
Paleo Chocolate Cupcake Method:
– Pre-Heat oven to 170c
– In one bowl mix ground almonds,coconut sugar,cacao+bicarb
-In another bowl mix the melted butter,egg and milk
-Mix both bowls together
-Put batter into cases
-Bake for 18-20 mins
Caramel Buttercream Method:
-Melt the butter+sugar together
-Once melted whisk with a non-electric whisk
-In a bowl with a electric whisk mix the butter+honey together
-Add caramel and whisk until buttercream consistency
-Once whisked put in piping bag and in the fridge to set it a little bit
-Pipe onto cupcakes and there you go ENJOY
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