Polly Tries: Paleo Bread (GF, DF, YF, RSF)

paleo bread

Hi everyone, Polly here again.

Today I am going to be showing you how to make such a delicious paleo bread. This might sound a bit strange, but one of the things that makes this bread so good is chia seeds. They give the bread a lovely crunch and a little bit of texture, which makes it so delicious.

I have been cooking and baking for a while now, and I have to say this is the best bread I have ever made. Personally I like it better than ordinary bread and sourdough. If you want, you can use flax seed instead of chia, or a combination, but I prefer chia seeds.

As you mix the ingredients together, it forms a batter not a dough. But you will see all this for yourself in my video. Don’t worry if it’s flat going into the oven, because the bicarb will help it rise up quite a bit. The reason I like this paleo bread more then ordinary bread, is because it has more flavour and isn’t dry at all. It’s super moist and yummy, especially with delicious toppings on it.

Let’s get started!


1/2 cup Ground Almonds
1/3 cup Arrowroot
1/4 cup Chia Seeds
2 eggs
3 Table Spoons Olive Oil
1 Table Spoon Maple Syrup
1 Tea Spoon Bicarb, make sure you sieve it well so there are no lumps
1 Tea Spoon Cider Vinegar


-Pre-Heat your oven to 170c or 350f
-In one bowl mix together eggs, oil, maple syrup and cider vinegar
-In another bowl mix ground almonds, arrowroot, chia seeds and your sieved bicarb
-Put in a tin greased with coconut oil
-BAKE for 25-35 mins (depending on how hot your oven is)
-And enjoy

Suggested toppings:

-Almond Butter
-Peanut Butter
-Chocolate Spread made with 1 table spoon of coconut oil 1 tea spoon of honey 1 tea spoon of cocoa
-Any Jam you like will go good but I think strawberry is the best!
paleo bread
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