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Unsugar Coated Motherhood

A shock to the system

After I wrote this post I got rather upset about hubby and my lack of love life. Over the bank holiday weekend we had a yummy meal, good chat, few drinks then went bed nice and early. We are usually meticulous about contraception but got a bit, erm, over excited. On Saturday morning this happened… Back in our pre-children days we used to be ever so judgemental when people had ‘accidents’. Surely if you don’t want more kids then you take the necessary precautions? Couldn’t these people control themselves? Oh how we would scoff. We have become those people. The …

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Unsugar Coated Motherhood

Feeling a Little Silly

Almost five years ago when one of my best mates had her first baby she told me how she got him to ‘sleep through the night’ at just a few weeks old. The way I have always remembered the story is that she carried out a form of sleep training based around the baby’s core night, when he was a month old. The theory goes that once baby has had this core night it is proof that they can go without food for a bigger block of time than they have been doing so previously. For example if they have …

Unsugar Coated Motherhood

A Challenging Child Part II

I posted this last week which explains the current situation with our 4yo daughter. I kept a diary all week to try and piece together any glaring errors and work out where we are going wrong. My main conclusion is something I’ve known for a while. There is a huge correlation between a bad nights sleep and very poor form the next day. Four year old children are never going to be immaculately behaved all the time, but at points on the bad days it feels like there is no reasoning with her. It’s as if she is in a trance and …

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Unsugar Coated Motherhood

A challenging child

I started writing this post yesterday after a good nights sleep and very easy morning – not regular occurances in our house. As I’ve mentioned before, our 4yo has been very difficult these past 18 months. The official terms are ‘challenging’ and ‘spirited’ but lets not beat around the bush – she has been bloody hard work! She often doesn’t sleep well, and subsequently has behvioural issues. On days that follow nighttime antics she cannot behave no matter how hard she appears to be trying. I have decided to keep a diary over the next week and write a detailed account …

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Dude, where’s my libido?!

Years ago, when she was still Mick Jagger’s wife, I read an interview with Jerry Hall. She stated that in order to keep a man happy and satisfied with only one woman she needed to be a “maid in the living room, cook in the kitchen, and whore in the bedroom”. This made perfect sense to me, even though I could have only been a teenager at the time. I met my hubby when I was 24, and travelling alone. We ended up drinking at the same beach bar, hit it off immediately and partied all night. I teased him …