spring seasonal food
Food: Paleo Recipes and Gut Health

Spring Seasonal Food: What’s Best Right Now and 5 Super Easy Recipes (GF, DF)

March is one of my favourite months because Spring is officially in the air. The sun is shining, it’s getting a little warmer and the seasonal food is just wonderful. Eating seasonably couldn’t be easier in Spring time, here in the UK. Between our fabulous farmers markets, and special offers in the supermarkets, eating the seasons is great value too. Plus there’s no guilt attached to excessive food miles. Veggies at their best right now include leeks, kale, cauliflower, savoy cabbage and spring greens. So much potential for awesome dishes packed full of flavour, not to mention nutritional goodness.  Five …

BAPS Awards
Autism Parenting

Shortlist for the #BAPSAwards (I’m a Finalist in the Wellbeing Category)

Over the last few years I’ve watched in awe as blogging friends and acquaintances got dolled up and painted the town red at the BAPS Awards. These awards are to acknowledge those who are blogging about SEND (special education needs and disabilities). BAPS stands for bloody awesome parents, which makes these awards very special indeed. Parents who are up for these awards aren’t just anyone. They are mama’s, dada’s and all out warriors, advocating for their children to have a brighter future. Stories behind these families range from the everyday to the inspirational to the truly exceptional. Which is why …

flying long haul with kids
Travelling, Days Out and Child Friendly Events

Flying Long Haul with Kids? Read These Tips First!

It’s not an exaggeration to say this time last month, the prospect of flying long haul with kids felt terrifying. Now that our wonderful trip to Thailand is starting to fade to delicious memories, those anxieties are already becoming distant. In all honesty, once we had conquered the outbound flight, the other four within our holiday got easier and easier. The flight home went so smoothly, the kids mostly slept. Flying long haul with kids: advance preparation (especially for additional needs) As I wrote about in this post, we had a very stressful start to our trip, having completely overlooked the …

paleo hidden veg pancakes
Food: Paleo Recipes and Gut Health

Paleo Hidden Veg Pancakes: 3 Ingredients, Super Healthy and No Sugar!

The idea of these paleo hidden veg pancakes might sound strange, but bear with me!  We adore eggs in my family. They make for a wonderful start to the day, and provide a great source of energy and nutrition. If I could give a person feeling the mid morning slump one piece of advice, it would be to switch to eggs for brekkie. As I wrote about in this post, a mostly protein based breakfast helps our bodies to start burning fat instead of sugar. Which is optimum for our health. My paleo hidden veg pancakes have just three ingredients, which …

Thai Airways Customer Service
Travelling, Days Out and Child Friendly Events

How Thai Airways Customer Service Saved Us From A Disastrous Start to Our First Long Haul Adventure with Kids

My husband and I are long time fans of Thai Airways Customer Service. We travelled South East Asia extensively between 2002 and 2006, and chose Thai Airways many times over, because their customer service is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble for them, and we’ve always been exceptionally well looked after onboard. Planning our first long haul flight as a family We’ve been on a handful of European (mostly package resort) holidays since having children, and always said when Freddy was five, we’d attempt a big adventure. Clara and Freddy both have February birthdays and the 19th was …