poverty bandwagon
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The Poverty Bandwagon

There’s a lot of noise being made about people jumping on the so-called poverty bandwagon. Apparently lots of highly successful, super affluent people had a tough start to life. Apparently they experienced poverty. Apparently they know the pain associated with the breadline. I say apparently because I am not them and cannot make comments on their lives. I can only talk about my own experiences and views on the world. Poverty is no joke, and is all too real for too many. According to leading charities, 14 million people live in poverty in the UK. That’s approx. one in five of …

paleo bread
Food: Paleo Recipes and Gut Health

Polly Tries: Paleo Bread (GF, DF, YF, RSF)

Hi everyone, Polly here again. Today I am going to be showing you how to make such a delicious paleo bread. This might sound a bit strange, but one of the things that makes this bread so good is chia seeds. They give the bread a lovely crunch and a little bit of texture, which makes it so delicious. I have been cooking and baking for a while now, and I have to say this is the best bread I have ever made. Personally I like it better than ordinary bread and sourdough. If you want, you can use flax seed instead …

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How to Have a More Eco Christmas this Year

**If you’re looking to have a more eco Christmas this year, you’ve come to the right place. This is not a sponsored post, but does contain links to other blogs I have written and sites you might find useful. Calling time on pointless gifts to create a more eco Christmas I have always been a thoughtful gift giver. Plus I’m thrifty beyond belief, with a brilliant eye for bargains. I can walk out of a charity shop with a carrier bag chock full (of often brand new goodies!) for a tenner. It drives my husband mad, because on the rare occasion …

paleo chocolate cupcakes
Food: Paleo Recipes and Gut Health

Polly Tries: Paleo Chocolate Cupcakes with Caramel Buttercream

My 9yo Polly wrote this blog and took the photos herself. These paleo chocolate cupcakes are an adaption of an old recipe of mine Polly found in a cooking journal from the early naughties. She changed lots of the ingredients so the recipe would be grain free and much lower in sugar. Please note, I have not edited this post. Hi everyone Polly here. I haven’t written a blog in about a year so I’m going to write one. I was just slouching around and I didn’t really now what to do with my day so I thought I would write a blog. …