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Unsugar Coated Motherhood

Am I Being Judged or Am I Judging Myself?

All too often people (mainly mums) tell me they are being judged, mostly by other mums. No less than five times in the last week, different people have said: “don’t judge me” usually followed up with “I know you wouldn’t”. Two things here: firstly, why say something you don’t mean? Secondly, anyone who properly knows me, knows that I am the LEAST judgemental person you are likely to meet. Yes, I speak my mind, often without a filter, but that is not the same as being judgemental. Plus, with my background, I have no right to judge anyone. There is …

Food: Paleo Recipes and Gut Health

I Care Deeply about the Climate Crisis, but I am Not a Vegan. Here’s Why

As I might have mentioned a few thousand times already, I am fully on board with the Extinction Rebellion and support their efforts to bring the climate crisis to the public’s attention. I applaud them for doing everything they can to bring about vital changes to prevent catastrophe. My reasons are simple: I have three children and (call me old fashioned) would like to see them growing up in a world where we have enough food to eat, water to drink and aren’t in danger of being wiped out by extreme weather. Not a big ask, really. Surely going vegan …

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Food: Paleo Recipes and Gut Health

Win a YO! Sushi Gift Card with £100 to Spend and 10 Reasons I Love YO!

I’m a brand ambassador for YO! which is just as well, because my entire family adores eating there. If you head over to Instagram I have a giveaway running to win a £100 YO! Sushi gift card. Click below to enter, best of luck. Reasons Why I Love YO! Sushi Delicious food. It would be strange if this wasn’t top of the list, wouldn’t it? I have never had a bad meal yet, and believe me I have dined at YO! a lot lot lot. The thing is, the food doesn’t taste exactly the same every single time I go …

Unsugar Coated Motherhood

What Class Am I? On Class and Bridging the Gaps in Society

There are fewer topics capable of dividing a room as quickly as class. I’ve been pondering the question “what class am I?” for years and still have trouble answering. According to this article, which was posted in the wake of the Brexit referendum, most Brits consider themselves to be working class. I myself grew up in a working class household, but it would be more apt to describe many members of my family, during those years, as the didn’t work class. Probably goes a long way to understanding why I don’t have strong ties to the working class. A brief …

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How Self Acceptance and Truly Knowing Yourself Will Change Your Life (and Possibly the World)

Are you nice to you or do you talk down to yourself? Without even realising it, you could be chipping away at your confidence every hour of every day. There is much to be said for making peace with all our flaws and the person we perhaps thought we’d be, but didn’t quite manage to be. If we want to truly know ourselves and tune into what makes us tick, so we can attain contentment and happiness, the process of self acceptance is absolutely imperative. I have two questions for you Do you actively do things you know will bring …