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Unsugar Coated Motherhood

Surviving marriage

Although I love my long suffering husband very much, every now and then (ok daily at the mo) I hate him and want to punch him in the face. I feel sorry for the poor guy, but am positive that he feels exactly the same about me. Having a young family is bloody hard work, and I’m beginning to understand why many couples end up going their separate ways before the youngest has started school. There’s just so much to contend with already, and being nice to one another often takes a back seat. This morning is a fine example …

telling your child they are autistic
Unsugar Coated Motherhood

The reality of having two kids

When my four year old was a baby I used to get really annoyed with comments that friends with more than one child would make – such as ‘two kids is much more than just double the work’ and ‘you don’t realise how easy it is having one until you have another’. You get the picture? It used to really pee me off, but now I completely understand where they were coming from. I would never say things like this out loud to my one-child friends (as I still remember how it made me feel) but I do enjoy having …

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Mental Health

First post – a bit of background

I often wonder how I went from being the life and soul of a party to a person invited only to make up the numbers. In my teens and early twenties I would burst into a room bringing an energy people were desperate to be around, but these days I feel quite self conscious about socialising and rarely do so anyway. The disparity between then and now is monumental but entirely necessary. I had a dysfunctional childhood and suppose you could say I was dragged up. I have many war wounds from my past which sometimes haunt me when I’m …