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Unsugar Coated Motherhood

A challenging child

I started writing this post yesterday after a good nights sleep and very easy morning – not regular occurances in our house. As I’ve mentioned before, our 4yo has been very difficult these past 18 months. The official terms are ‘challenging’ and ‘spirited’ but lets not beat around the bush – she has been bloody hard work! She often doesn’t sleep well, and subsequently has behvioural issues. On days that follow nighttime antics she cannot behave no matter how hard she appears to be trying. I have decided to keep a diary over the next week and write a detailed account …

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Unsugar Coated Motherhood

Dude, where’s my libido?!

Years ago, when she was still Mick Jagger’s wife, I read an interview with Jerry Hall. She stated that in order to keep a man happy and satisfied with only one woman she needed to be a “maid in the living room, cook in the kitchen, and whore in the bedroom”. This made perfect sense to me, even though I could have only been a teenager at the time. I met my hubby when I was 24, and travelling alone. We ended up drinking at the same beach bar, hit it off immediately and partied all night. I teased him …

Unsugar Coated Motherhood

Facts of Mummyhood

I doubt highly there would have been anything I could have said to my pre-children self that would have put me off the idea, however if I had the opportunity to travel back in time and offer that me some parenting insight, it would probably go a little something like this… – breast is best, but once you have fed a baby for a year you can kiss goodbye to your pert DD’s. They are gone forever, be grateful that you had them in the first place and don’t waste your precious energy lusting after them – ditto the gorgeous …

Mental Health

They F*** You Up

Although I don’t have her in my life any more, in many ways I feel sorry for my mother. She had a rotten childhood and it’s no wonder she turned out the way she did. My Grandfather was killed young, in a road accident, and left behind my Grandma who was pregnant with their sixth child, along with five kids aged between one and ten. They were living in the States at the time, and she came back to the UK to raise her family alone, and never allowed another man into their lives. She went to work six days …

mental health
Mental Health

The Dreaded Gene

Angelina Jolie has spoken out about the preventative surgery she had recently after discovering she carries the BRCA1 gene. She has been praised for giving hope to other women in her situation, and has herself said she feels empowered by the decision and not at all unfeminine. When I was 11, I lost my beloved grandmother to cancer after she fought it for over two decades. She had a mastectomy on one side and ten years later had another. A few years after this the disease came back in her womb, and she passed away in hospital the day before she was …