Polly Tries: My Experience of the Role Models Online Resilience Course

online resilience course

When Role Models approached me at the beginning of February to see whether Polly would like to do their online resilience course, we were in the midst of a tricky time. After a great end to 2019 and decent start to 2020, tensions were once again running high. Puberty and autism is a heady mix and my eldest girl needs all the resources available to help her through.

Prior to the course, Polly (almost 11) had gotten herself into some bad habits (again) with how she was treating 8yo Clara and 6yo Freddy. I was mostly hoping the course would help her break these habits and form better thinking about her siblings. Very pleased to report that we’ve definitely noticed an improvement where this is concerned. For our little family, especially during this strangest of times, it’s absolutely everything.

Huge thanks to Role Models – Polly really enjoyed the 6-week course. After the predictable nerves of the first ten minutes of the first session we had no problems at all. In fact, she used to look forward to her Tuesday evening sessions in a way that took me by pleasant surprise.

Here’s what Polly has to say about her Role Models Online Resilience Course

“I learned to think positively and have a growth mindset. But the thing I learned most is to never give up on my goals (and stuff in general). Also not to compare myself to others.

My favorite lesson was the first one which was all about a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. This was the thing I found easiest – even though I didn’t think it would be. I really liked meeting the other kids but found it hard telling new people how I felt and giving them personal information.

Mummy asked what the main skill I’ve learnt that I’d pass onto my friends – this would be not comparing yourself to others and thinking you’re bad at things. I see a lot of my friends doing it, which makes me sad.

All the tasks really helped me but the one that helped most was about not thinking you are so much worse at something and someone else is so much better. Sometimes we just tell ourselves silly stories which holds us back.”

online resilience course

For more info on all the Role Models courses, please check out their website or call them on +44 20 3637 7107.

Use the discount code ONLINE20 for 20% off at checkout. You can also find Role Models across social media.


**Disclaimer: we were given Polly’s place on the course in exchange for social media exposure. I was not asked to write this blog, nor have I been paid for it.

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