On Not Quitting Coffee and Giving Myself a Break

coffeeAnyone that has been reading this blog lately will know that sleep has been a rather dire affair in my house. The one consistent thing that never fails to cheer me up though, no matter how little shut eye I have had, is a cup of freshly brewed, strong, black organic coffee.

Although I am a devout coffee drinker, I have had two attempts at giving it up in the last couple of years. The first time was at the beginning of 2013, after being told I had become intolerant of it, and needed a three month exclusion before I could reintroduce it. Fortunately this worked for me, and I started drinking one cup a day again after just two months without a problem. The second time was when I started GAPS Intro mark two last Summer; I weaned myself off over the course of a week so I didn’t suffer the horrendous headaches and general feeling of meh like I did the previous time.

I coped just fine but I really missed it, and have come to realise that I absolutely adore the stuff.    

In the last few months three of my friends have quit coffee, and it has stirred up thoughts that I should do the same. I’m such a sucker for always wanting to do the right thing, and in my heart of hearts know that caffeine can’t be great for me in the long run.

Then my husband, ever the voice of reason, pointed out that I exist on f*** all sleep, and have three challenging children to contend with all day. Now is not the time to be giving up one of my main sanity savers! Plus I’d worked so hard on my diet this past 18 months, why give it up unless I had to? 

To add weight to this argument the results of my York Test came back, and told me that apart from a borderline reaction to peanuts, I am in good health where food intolerance is concerned. 

My daughter’s overall intolerance list has dramatically improved, but eggs and cows dairy are still a problem for her (I’ll write about that separately). 

york testDare I say it, GAPS has worked. Cured me even.    

I certainly feel better than ever before, and have done for a long time now. But do you know what my cynical mind’s first thought was upon seeing these results? That they must be wrong!

“You’ve worked so hard”, said my dear husband for the hundredth time, “why can’t you just enjoy the results?” 

Good question, why can’t I?

I am just fabulous at dishing out advice to anyone that asks for it, usually telling them to not be so hard on themselves in the process. I’m not so great at taking my own medicine though, and giving myself a break.

So I’m vowing to do just that, and am writing it here to hold myself to account.

Life with small children is hard work, and becomes even tougher once you add autism to the equation, not to mention severe long term sleep deprivation. Just surviving to tell the tale most evenings is enough to be celebrated.

Now is NOT the time to be giving up something I enjoy so much.

So the coffee is staying, and if I fancy a slice of cake or pizza every now and then, I’ll be having that too 🙂

What are your sanity savers? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section!

**Disclaimer: I was sent two York Tests FOC. For my full disclosure policy, please click on the coloured text**


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27 thoughts on “On Not Quitting Coffee and Giving Myself a Break

  1. Totally understand giving it up if it was making you aggressive. A little like me at the end of 2012 when I just knew I’d become intolerant… love a good G&T too, Hendricks & Fever Tree = Heaven!

  2. Oh honey I really do think we need treats to get through our days… but in terms of cake, I think you might like some of my refined sugar free recipes which use dates or honey as the sweetener. Next time I know I’m seeing you I’ll bring you some of my brownies, I’m positive you’ll love them xxx

  3. I am so glad that you are not going to deny yourself something that keeps you sane and happy. I hate coffee but I love tea and I am addicted to sugar. I love cake! I have tried to give it up but I find it really hard. Sometimes allowing yourself a little of what you enjoy is just what you need to get through the day. And as you say, it is exactly the advice that you would give a friend. Hugs Mrs H xxxx #difflinky

  4. This reminds me of why I switched from coffee to tea – I kept getting aggressive with my colleagues…
    Renee, you deserve your treat of a cup of coffee every now and then.
    My sanity saver is the occasional gin and tonic!

  5. I’ve never got on the hot drinks bandwagon, although I feel I may be missing out… My poison is diet cola (no brand preference!) and I could happily drink gallons, although it is so bad for me:-(, can’t have it in the house (borderline addiction, I reckon) but I do let myself have it occasionally when I’m out. I agree, you have to give yourself a bit of leeway sometimes xxx

  6. Oh no, that’s what happened to me back in 2013. I knew in my heart of hearts that it was the coffee, and it killed me giving it up. One piece of advice I’d give is to gradually wean yourself off over the course of a week, otherwise you might suffer terrible withdrawal (even if you were only having a couple of cups a day). Best of luck!

  7. I have been having tummy trouble for a while now and i have a feeling the coffee is the cause. I’m not looking forward to it but I think I’ll have to cut it out.
    But as long as yours is keeping you sane and not giving you pain, drink away.

  8. As you know, I gave up coffee for Lent this year and it was incredibly tough and I was quite cranky as a result. I agree with you – why give up something that is a sanity-saver for you too – as your husband has pointed out, you constantly have to struggle with severe sleep-deprivation and if coffee keeps you going at the moment and you enjoy it, I don’t think it can be such a bad thing. I certainly won’t be giving up coffee for Lent next year – I was a much happier (and nicer) mummy once I could have my morning cuppa again! x

  9. I gave up coffee back last year due to a sharp increase in the panic attacks I was suffering. It did make a lot of differnce. I dont drink or smoke anyway, but I do love my food and there is no way I am following current trend and giving up my bread!! #difflinky

  10. I am beginning to wonder if there is a bit of a puritan movement kicking off – cut out coffee, cut out sugar, cut out alcohol

    I’m not in the right place right now to cut everything out – I like a slice of cake, I like a glass of wine, I enjoy my morning coffee – that may make me a bad person or an addict (really?) but for the now this is all working for me ok and it sounds like you’re in a similar place

  11. Good for you!! I know it’s only a little thing, but I’m glad you’ve found something to help you get through the tougher days (and nights). Drink it, enjoy it and don’t feel guilty xxx

  12. If you’re just drinking one cup and it’s not doing you any harm, then why worry! A little of what you fancy isn’t worth beating yourself up over. Have a lovely week

  13. Ahhh thanks Tony! I’m intrigued to know what a share bar is, I’ve googled it and it looks like a WP plug in? I would have hazarded a guess that it was food though?

  14. I’ve upgraded to a full share bar a day!! Well done R for achieving those results, don’t make life harder by getting rid of coffee, embrace it lol

  15. Oh you SO deserve that coffee! And pizza and cake whatever you fancy! I’m very british in my love of a nice cup of tea – always makes me feel everything is alright. Oh, and I do love a good G&T in the summer (go off it in the winter for some reason) and mulled wine all December long! xxx

  16. Yep, coffee is there to stay! The only time in my life when I gave it up was when I was expecting Crevette and the mere smell of coffee was making me feel sick. It was tough surviving without my daily coffee though. I really missed it! Your A. is 100% right: don’t give up stuff you love, especially when it’s not doing your body or soul any damage. xxx

  17. Thanks so much my lovely, and for all your support through this super challenging time! It just said cows milk, and to be honest I’ve been wondering the same. It certainly adds weight to my argument of wanting to get P on GAPS Intro, I might even be able to sell it to her too if the standard three month exclusion of eggs and cows dairy doesn’t work for her… already had three cups today to celebrate 😉 Have a fab day hon xxx

  18. Good for you Renee!! There is no point in putting yourself through any more hell than is needed! I am so pleased to see your results. I am pretty sure mine came back pretty clear for the same reason as you…even though I wasn’t on SCD/GAPS for as long. It is interesting that your daughter has the same as me…except for me it is the milk protein, not just cows milk, but all animal milks. Did it specify cows milk? I suggested when I got my results that they made it clearer for people about whether it was lactose or the milk protein that was causing the problem. Hopefully they have taken on that advice! Get a coffee down you…and a piece of cake! You deserve it xxx

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