On Being One of ‘Those Mums’

I’m in danger of turning into one of ‘those mums’. Actually, who am I kidding? I already am one. I make comments that other people don’t even think, let alone say out loud. I openly talk about my failings as a parent, and fears for the future. I’m not afraid to make bold decisions if it will enhance my family’s lives. Ultimately all I want is for my children to grow up happy.  

I think it’s largely because of the way I grew up. Dysfunctionally without a doubt, but lets not beat around the bush here, I was also abused in all directions. Sexually. Emotionally. Physically. The damage my childhood had on my mental health as a young adult was monumental. I partied hard, and drank far too much. I got myself into a lot of trouble, and very almost crossed the line to the point of no return.

CSE007_Facebook3Turning it all around

I made a conscious decision one day to turn my life around, and with the enduring support of my then boyfriend (now husband) and great friends, I was able to break the cycle of negativity. I had the strength to disassociate myself from toxic influences, and stop myself from repeating behaviour that had previously caused me so many problems. I even went on to write a book about my experiences, which remains one of my greatest achievements to date.

I have often wondered how different life would have been had I not met the incredible people I did on my journey. I don’t have a crystal ball, but I’m pretty sure it would have had disastrous consequences. This is what life is like for plenty of young people across the country.

Children who’ve emerged into adulthood full of demons from the things they’ve seen and had to do just to survive. Not a friend in sight to help them on their way. Thankfully charities like The Children’s Society exist to help these people rebuild their lives.

The Children’s Society need your help!

In less than one week (13 June), MPs will debate the protections available to 16 and 17 year olds being sexually exploited like Eva, Chloe and Jemma. Please take action to support the high-profile Seriously Awkward campaign, which has reached approximately 75m people in the media with over 400 items of news coverage and influence this crucial debate for young people being down by the law.

[tweetthis][insert your local MP here] Support @childrensociety by attending #SeriouslyAwkward debate in parliament on 13/06/16[/tweetthis]

Please tweet your MP (right now) by clicking on the box above or using this simple form, and ask them to be there to back the changes needed.

The first time the bill was debated in Parliament earlier in the year, a record number of campaigners asked their MP to be there. Despite being only a few lines in this enormous bill, it became the most talked about the campaign at the debate.

You may not think so, but one tweet can have an impact, and will make a huge difference at this vital stage of the campaign

Thanks in advance for your support! Should you wish to learn more about the work The Children’s Society do, please head over to their website. I also found the video below really useful, do check it out if you have a couple of minutes to spare.


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