Recipe: Flapjack Bites (Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free)

Oat Free Flapjack

As myself and the girls are off chocolate for the foreseeable future, I’m having to be extra innovative in the kitchen when it comes to making treats. Being on GAPS has made me realise how much of my deserts rely on the use of cocoa/cacaco. Fortunately these little oat free flapjack bites went down a storm by all.

They are just like a traditional flapjack, but without the oats or sugar. Also using half ground sunflower seeds and half almonds not only give them a quirky flavour, it also keeps the cost down as seeds are a fraction of the price of nuts. Can’t say fairer than that 🙂

Oat Free Flapjack

Ingredients (for 20 oat free flapjack bites)

100g ground almonds
100g ground sunflower seeds
100g chopped dried apricots
50g shredded or desiccated coconut
60ml coconut oil
Tsp vanilla
1-2 tbsp maple syrup (optional to taste)


– preheat your oven to 175C, and grease a baking tray

– either use a powerful blender or food processor and chuck all the ingredients in, whiz them up on a medium speed until combined and a loose dough has formed

– OR: grind up your nuts and seeds manually, then mix together in a bowl with the other ingredients

– firmly squish your bites into shape, you need to be firm so they hold together while being cooked

– bake for 10 mins and allow to cool before serving


14 thoughts on “Recipe: Flapjack Bites (Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free)

  1. Vanilla and honey are a winning combo, and seeds are fab (and frugal)!

    I’ve never looked into the over production of cocoa tbh, but I suppose it makes perfect sense. I only ever use organic 100% cocoa in my cooking, and recently upgraded to organic raw cacao (at three times the price) so I’d like to think growing conditions would be reflected, but perhaps I’m being naive? Food for thought…

  2. Vanilla and honey sounds good.

    I’m quite conscious about the use of cocoa in cooking – there is such a world demand for it and the growing conditions are quite precarious both in terms of climate change and in terms of the communities that farm them.  It could be that at some point in the future, chocolate will become much more expensive and we will have to think of alternative flavours.

    I do like seeds – the Chinese use them in desserts, and also beans.  Frugal living again!


  3. These are right up my street! I make very similar cereal bars, with oats but I love the idea of replacing them with pumpkin seeds and grinding it all. Mel #TastyTuesdays

  4. No chocolate?! Aarrgh! 🙂 This looks like a yummy alternative though. I read something from Suzy of The Airing Cupboard blog about Paleo (she’s on that diet) date and coconut balls I think they were and they are apparently to die for so maybe up your street too. I’ll see if I can find that recipe again and let you know. X #TastyTuesdays

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