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TimeRegular readers will know that so far this year my life has been rather hectic. Between potty training the toddler, moving the baby into his own room and trying to convince the 5yo to be less defiant, there’s not been much time or inclination for anything other than the essentials. After a flying start with my fitness I only managed two workouts last week, although I’m looking at that as a positive thing because two is loads better than none right?

Anyhoo, this is my convoluted way of saying that I have done bugger all writing for my new novel, and next to no promotion for Become the Best You. As luck would have it though, a bunch of fabulous bloggers have been talking about the book on their own blogs, so here’s a wee round up.

Bod For Tea  – check out Michelle’s brilliant review, and she’s also hosting a giveaway for the book. If you’ve been sitting on the fence and haven’t actually bought a copy yet, be sure to enter the competition which is running until the end of the month. 

Franglaise Mummy – Sophie read Become the Best You as part of her 52 book challenge last year. I take my hat off to anyone that can read a book a week when they have small children. I’ve been averaging three per year since being a mum! 

Virtually all Sorts – I was touched that Carol kicked off her new ‘Spotlight on Featured Authors’ series with my book. She did me proud with a fab review, coming from the perspective of someone that has battled with depression in the past.  

Pouting in Heels – Kate has decided that Become the Best You is one of five books that could possibly change your life this year. I was absolutely honoured, and thrilled to be alongside queen of self-help Oprah herself. Oh very yes! 

Mummy to Boyz – Laura kindly reached out to me before Christmas and asked if I’d like to do a guest post which I finally got around to last week. It gives a bit more detail about my writing journey, and the reasons behind why I self-published. 

Go on, spread your blogging wings and check out something new today. Enjoy πŸ™‚

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  1. mummytries says:

    I’d love to know what you think of it hon, but no pressure honestly…it’s not like you aren’t busy enough with three kids, work, blog and book writing xxx

  2. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much Amanda! It’s good to know it’s not just me… Hope we both find some time real soon πŸ™‚

  3. mummytries says:

    You are too kind my dear! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the book πŸ™‚ best of luck with the blog move. My first attempt at self-hosting was a complete disaster, but second time around with TSO was super smooth. Can’t recommend them enough if you are still having trouble xxx ps. Can’t wait for your review!

  4. mummytries says:

    I feel the same hon, it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of! Are you going to Brit Mums in June? It’d be fab to meet you xxx

  5. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much my lovely! Speaking of congratulations, your book arrived this morning. We’re all very excited about reading it and picking up some French xx

  6. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much lovely. I’m hoping to take a leaf out of your book and find half an hour every day… No excuses! xx

  7. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment Tanya. Really pleased you enjoyed Michelle’s review. Have you entered the competition to win a copy of the book?

  8. mummytries says:

    There’s another blogger, Morgan, who has been writing in 30 minute bursts and having great success. For me this week it’s been impossible to even achieve that as all my writing time went on the blog. I found myself with 20 mins yesterday and did a workout. Best of luck – i’m sure we’ll find a way xx

  9. Good blogs here! And well done on your book. I’m ashamed to say I’ve not found time to read it yet (and this week has been particularly time-constrained here too) but the more I read about it, the more I’m itching to start it. Xx

  10. From another self-published author – I hear ya!! Family life and work commitments have made finding time to write or even promote what I have already written almost impossible. Isn’t it frustrating to feel like there just isn’t any time for it? I do hope that you find some time to do some more soon!

  11. I always think you’re fabulous for fitting so much in anyway Renee, and the fact you’ve written one book is just awesome! Your book is fantastic, and i’d love to do a review too once my new blog is up-and-running (currently moving to self-hosting and have a ‘mare, should be ready by the weekend!). xx

  12. Life can be so hectic and you just can’t find a spare 10 minutes to get a shower, let alone spending valuable time writing and promoting your work. Amazing when the awesome world of blogging gives you a helping hand and other wonderful bloggers help promote your work for the sheer love. I’ve found it so heart-warming becoming part of it in the last 12 months. I’m sure your book is incredible – and I MUST find the time to read it, I really must. Never beat yourself up for not being as productive on some days. It is so bad for the mind when you do this – I know, I do it myself. Take care hon xxx

  13. Don’t beat yourself up – being a parent is tough, and getting a book written, and out there, is one massive achievement, so high-five yourself and take each day at a time! Also your book is so fab and so helpful that you can congratulate yourself just on that fact πŸ™‚ xx

  14. I don’t think you should beat yourself up about not writing or promoting. Life gets in the way sometimes and you just have to go with the flow. You worked so hard last year and that shows in all the fabulous reviews you’re getting. I’m sure you’ll make tons of progress on the new novel when you get the chance. xx

  15. I know that feeling well! But you have shown that you get there in the end and that is inspiring to someone like me earlier on in my writing journey.

    I enjoyed Michelle’s review of your book. It sounds like you have moved past a really tough time to a good place where you can share insights and truths with others. I also read your gripping background post through the What I’m Writing Linky last week and think that your fictional project shaped by life excerpts sounds fascinating.

  16. Struggling to write is my daily issue too, although I am not doing anything as fabulous as writing a book. It takes me the whole week just to write one blog post – which I love, blogging is my hobby, I love to write and the social aspect of blogging but like you, I have so many commitments. I work full time (out of the house), have a 3 year old, and the normal family/friends/fitness and daily life struggles of fitting everything in. One of my new resolutions this year is to write for 30 minutes every day. I need to get into the swing of that more, but am hoping that will help.

    Good luck hun.
    Kat x #allaboutyou

  17. mummytries says:

    There is probably a fair amount of preaching to the converted tbh, but hopefully you’ll take something away from it lovely. Hope you enjoy the second half πŸ™‚ good luck with getting started on your workouts, the first couple were tough for me, but i’ve been loving them. Even invested in a set of handweights for the arm segment, as I was using two wine bottles (full) which was a tad dangerous xx

  18. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much Aimee! I’m not beating myself up, but am I am getting frustrated as I love to write and am not doing nearly enough right now!

  19. mummytries says:

    Thanks Maddy! Looking forward to your interview… Funnily enough i’ve never considered becoming an astronaut, although I did audition for the very first series of Big Brother. There you go, random fact for you xxx

  20. mummytries says:

    Thanks lovely, there is so much going on but we’re making great progress on all fronts woohoo πŸ™‚

  21. Sounds like there’s a lot to get your head round at the moment. Good luck with it, and I hope you have some time to yourself/your writing soon.

  22. Sounds like you’re doing very well with promoting your book even if you feel like you’re not! Great to see your hard work paying off and that the blogging community is being supportive. Which reminds me, I’ll be sending you some interview questions soon if you’re still up for it! I’ll check out these other posts first to see what you’ve already shared and then try to come up with some questions no one’s asked… “so, ReneΓ©, have you ever considered becoming an astronaut?” that kind of thing πŸ˜‰ Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting xx

  23. Oh that’s great news on the promo! You’ve done more than you think! I can’t wait to read the book.

    Don’t beat yourself up about not having enough hours in the day, it’s not easy to fit it all in – I think you’re doing great.

  24. Brilliant to hear BTBY is getting such a good reception – I will definitely check out some of those blogs! It is reminding me though that I have yet to pick it up again since racing through the first half when it arrived… I will get there but like you there’s just too much to juggle! Impressed (and a little jealous) by your two workouts. I really must start finding a bit of me time before winter’s over and I really regret it… Xx

  25. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much lovely. I’m not very good at sitting back and basking in glory… I really should work on that πŸ˜‰

  26. It’s very hard to fit writing in isn’t it? I’m finding the same at the moment. It’s great to hear BTBY is getting such a good reception – I’d bask in the glory of that for now and not worry too much about the next book just yet : )

  27. mummytries says:

    Me too Michelle, thanks again for the fab review x

  28. mummytries says:

    I hope so too Carol, thanks again!

  29. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much Iona, what a lovely thing to say. I do hope so πŸ™‚

  30. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much! Life really has got in the way but that’s fine… it would be nice for things to calm down a little so I can write this week but we’ll see xx

  31. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much lovely, you always put my mind at ease! Also, this was just a little round up of review posts from the past week. The interview on your site was amazing, and I’ve shared it loads (as you say don’t want to overkill it)! I’ve also been mentioning it when talking to agencies about the book and it will go into the final version of the Become the Best You press release xxx

  32. Oh honey, don’t beat yourself up-sometimes life gets in the way of work/ writing/ projects but it’s actually just that and being busy which allows you to write more eventually and feeds creativity. You have to live to write if that makes sense. Hey you forgot your Wonderful Women Interview too in this brilliant round up. Hehe! Absolutely fab PR in my opinion and agencies pay top dollar for all that so don’t feel you are not doing PR, you rock plus it’s good to structure PR so time in between is positive, over saturation creates indifference when it comes to books and films too so this is all positive x #allaboutyou

  33. Well done on getting all these great reviews! Sometimes life gets in the way of writing – I know that too – good luck with finding time again.
    And yes, two workouts is loads better than none! xx

  34. The book deserves all the publicity it’s getting, I think your own experiences and the way you translate them into practical tips will make a difference to many out there.

  35. Thanks Renee. I hope my review encourages my readers to become your readers and become the best ‘them’.

  36. Thank you so much for the mention Renee! Reviewing your book was a pleasure – it was one of four wonderful books that started my Journey to Joy this year and I’m excited that one of my lucky readers will win a copy for themselves x

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