How to Make Play Dough: Super Easy No Bake Recipe

no bake play dough

Putting the thoughts of the mess to one side, play dough is a brilliant activity for all kids, but especially those with sensory processing issues. It’s soothing, and calms my 6yo down a treat when she’s in an agitated mood. It’s fantastic for developing fine motor skills, and getting the children to use their imaginations. I simply cannot believe it’s taken me over six years of parenting to start making my own. After messing around with several recipes, I’ve settled on one that is super easy (obvs) and pretty much fail safe. No bake play dough definitely gets the thumbs up from my three!

no bake play dough

Not only does it save us a small fortune, but now we all make it together the kids look after it so much better than before, and it doesn’t end up all over the floor in five minutes. If you’ve never given it a go before, let me tell you that play dough is extremely satisfying to make. It’s complimented my cardio workouts rather nicely too, as it gives the arms a workout of their own. Honestly, once you’ve tried this recipe and seen how simple it is, I can almost guarantee that you’ll never buy the pre-made stuff again!

Ingredients for one balls worth of no bake play dough 

1 cup of plain flour
1/3 cup boiling water
1/4 cup table salt
2 tbsp food colouring
1 tbsp oil
1 tbsp cream of tartar

no bake play doughMethod

– put the flour, salt and cream of tartar into a large bowl

– put the oil, food colouring and freshly boiled water into a small cup

– combine the two, mixing with a spoon, bring it together to form a sticky dough

– tip the contents onto the kitchen side, and bring together into a ball

– now the fun part! You need to work the stickiness out of the dough, by kneading it like bread. It’s absolutely essential to do this for long enough; between 3 and 5 minutes should suffice

– you’ll know when it’s ready once it isn’t sticky anymore (you can add glitter if you like yours sparkly)

– play until your hearts content (the kids obvs)! To store wrap in greaseproof paper, place in a pot or tupperware, and keep in the fridge

Enjoy 🙂

If your little one has a gluten sensitivity, and is unable to touch plain flour, head over to the awesome Le Coin de Mel for a GF version.


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