My Pre-40 Bucket List

I’m fast approaching my mid thirties, and have been thinking about all the things I want to do before I hit the big 4-0. It seems appropriate to write a bucket list, and as I have 5½ years to tick everything off, it should all be perfectly achievable. Ok, so it’s a teeny tiny bit ambitious. You’ve gotta have dreams though, right?

– write and publish my book, I’m hoping to tick this off first

– go on a family holiday to Thailand, even if it takes us the whole 5½ years to save for it!

pre-40 bucket list– buy a house. No explanation needed, and definitely the biggest challenge!

– do a butchery/knife skills course. This is something I’ve been talking about doing for years, but just haven’t got round to

– have a massive party that doesn’t revolve around the kids. I didn’t have a hen do (because I was pregnant) or a 30th celebration (because I’d just had 4yo) so at some stage I’d really like to make up for that

Do you have any major bucket-list aspirations? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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  1. My list would now have to be pre-50… Still determined to make it to New York – I have no excuse now I’m so close!

  2. Great list and I especially like that its not too long! You are so right about parties, I can’t remember the last proper party i arranged that didn’t involve fairy dresses and balloons – think it may have been our wedding! Good luck with your book, holiday planning (I love Thailand!) and butchery course? Brilliant! I’ll be hitting 40 this year, so may compile a personal bucket list… Just 8 mths to go! Would love you to come link this up to #AllAboutYou, live right now! http://www.mama-andmore.com/2014/02/allaboutyou-link-and-pin-party-week-5.html?m=1 (popping by from #MagicMoments)

  3. Thanks Mel!

  4. Thanks Helen! Really hope so too 🙂

  5. Thanks lovely! I really enjoyed your bucket list, you’ll have to do a follow-up and let us know how you’re getting on with it xx

  6. Good luck Kim! Driving should be on mine too, but I’m being reluctant about it 😉

  7. An ambitious list, but why not, hey! Good luck with it all. Mel

  8. That’s a great list, I hope you achieve it all. I’m 32 now so this has got me thinking about mine… #MagicMoments

  9. Good luck achieving all you want to. I’m only just in my 30′s but can definitely see me writing one of these in the not too distant future!

  10. Loving your bucket list. You have the same top one as I do. Good luck with this x #magicmoments

  11. Oh good luck with your book i hope you get to Thailand its a great place #magic moments

  12. what a really super idea!! i did a 2014 bucket list but this is great!!

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  13. Great list!….Top of my bucket list is to have a family holiday! We’ve never had one and to learn to drive…

  14. With you on the “write a book”, or maybe just keep writing! Trouble with my buckets is they turn into “shoulds” ….great #magicmoment…and you’ve got me thinking about where I’d really like to travel to.

  15. New York is another one, but I think I’d want to go sans kids to be honest… so many places, so little cash 🙂

  16. Thanks Alex!

  17. You’re well ahead of the game in that case 🙂 hubby and I met in Asia, and we’re desperate to go back and take the kids. Just need to save those pennies 😉

  18. Thailand is a really family friendly destination these days. Unfortunately the cost of getting there isn’t 🙁

  19. tee hee, no pressure!!

  20. We’ll have to swap notes at some point 😉 I hadn’t heard of the linky, but will definitely check it out. Thank you so much xx

  21. Thank you, me too 🙂

  22. What a great list! I hope you get to tick it all off!

  23. maddy@writingbubble says:

    I’m 36-and-a-bit, hmmm maybe I should write a pre-40 wish list… I think it would have to include writing a book (haven’t got further than chapter 2 at the moment!) and getting some short stories and/or poetry published. I’ll enjoy hearing how you get on with your book – maybe it will help motivate me! Have you heard about the #writingwarriors linky at Beautiful Misbehaviour? It’s for blogger mums to support each other to achieve writing ambitions! #magicmoments

  24. At 36, maybe I should get myself a bucket list and get going with it sharpish! I haven’t, though, but I’ll enjoy reading about you ticking yours off 😉

  25. Ooh Thailand is on my wishlist to visit too along with so many places which just aren’t practical with little people in tow.

  26. I think it’s always good to have some longer term aims and aspirations. Finishing my book is on my list too, I’ve set myself the deadline of when I turn 30 so I have a couple of years to do it but quite a few thousand words left to go! Thailand is a beautiful holiday destination and well worth saving for I would say! Love the idea of a party all for you too. #Magicmoments

  27. That sounds like some great goals to achieve #MagicMoments

  28. I’m fast approaching mid thirties too, like in about 8 months time 🙂 I love this list, especially Thailand. I want to go to New York!

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