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My GAPS Journey

In a bid to cure my food intolerances and general gut issues for life, I have embarked on a diet known as GAPS. Click here for the official GAPS website, which will explain in detail why I am doing what I am.

My new eating regime will consist of three parts: a six step intro diet, then a year to two year long diet consisting entirely of natural food. This means nothing processed whatsoever. No refined sugar or starchy veg, and no dairy unless it’s been home made and fermented. Part three will be transitioning off GAPS, and moving onto a sustainable for life way of eating.

The purpose of the intro is to heal and seal my gut lining, as so-called leaky gut syndrome is likely to be at the root of my troubles. I say so-called and likely, because leaky gut is not officially recognised by the medial world.

I don’t expect it’ll be an easy ride, especially the first month or so and to help me through it, I’ll be keeping a detailed diary. I’ve created a whole blog dedicated to GAPS related content, including over a hundred recipes. Please do check it out at http://mummytriesgaps.wordpress.com


  1. February 13, 2015 / 10:24 pm


    Thank you for visiting my blog! Lovely to find someone in the UK following a similar diet to the SCD! I’ve loads of SCD recipes on my blog which will be OK for you if you have the baking soda. Good luck with the diet, I hope it’s working for you like the SCD did for my son.

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