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I’ve read blog posts recently where people have written letters to their kids, which is lovely. I briefly considered doing the same, but decided it would be too easy for me. Although my girls have their moments, I have loved them both from the second they entered the world. I have never questioned this love and I never had doubts over my abilities to parent them when they were little babies. I could write many posts on how wonderful they are, but I won’t.

The way I see it, there wouldn’t be any children without my long suffering utterly amazing husband. He truly is my rock, my knight, my everything. So here’s a little story, about my darling.

my darlingWe met on our travels in Asia and spent a blissful six weeks together before having to go our separate ways. He was Australia bound and had a years working holiday planned. I was heading home. My brother had spent the previous month in a mental institute and my mother had convinced herself (and me) that I was the only person that could talk sense into him and ‘save’ him. What actually happened signalled the beginning of the end for me and my family – he was rude and obnoxious telling me I’d come home for other reasons, and that I was trying to make him feel guilty. She was completely disillusioned and I realised that we had been here before. Rather than stay behind to watch the car crash in slow motion I went to the travel agents, and was in Australia within a fortnight.

We partied hard and travelled a bit, enjoying a very carefree six months before heading home. Didn’t last very long in Blighty before going back out to Asia with grand plans and big dreams. We had some very dark times over the course of the next year but left in one piece, albeit separately. There was another dark year ahead, but he patiently waited for me to come out the other side. Most men would have cut their losses long before, but he didn’t and he has never held a grudge.

With the odds stacked against us back then, we are now the envy of most of our friends. We don’t have a perfect life, far from it, but we’re a team. We communicate and work through our troubles. We have interests outside the family unit, but have found ways to accommodate them sensibly so they aren’t bones of contention. We have made sacrifices which enables me to only have to work part time, but neither of us views this negatively. He doesn’t feel I’m not pulling my weight and I don’t feel like I’m ‘living off a man’ because (I’ll say it again) we are a team.

On the flip side we bicker every single day. We snipe at each other and are some times plain horrible on the really sleep deprived mornings. But we always find our way back to a happier place by the time we go to bed. I don’t think we’ve ever closed our eyes without a kiss or a kind word in the moments before sleep washes over us.

Life hasn’t always dealt me a very nice hand, but when it comes to my little family I lucked out. So thank you darling husband, I know I will love you until I take my very last breath.

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26 thoughts on “My Darling

  1. Thanks lovely. The universe really did sort me out eventually, and although we have our moments he is absolutely fantastic, and I don’t know where I’d be without him xxx

  2. What a gorgeous post Renee xxx I am so, so sorry to hear about your family, that really breaks my heart. It sounds like it has been tough but the universe decided to give you a break in the form of your hubby 🙂

    Thank you for linking up to #Thelist xxxx

  3. Aww what a beautiful post for your hubby – he sounds like a wonderful man. I thinking making sure you always end the day in a happier place and not letting those bickery moments carry forward into the next day is such a good idea.

  4. Wonderful. This is what I would wish for every single person struggling to break free from a troubled past and dysfunctional family – that they can build a functional family of their own. I am so so pleased that you have managed to do this. Your husband sounds like an amazing man – and you are a pretty amazing lady yourself!

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