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My Beautiful Boy – Now You Are One

Has it really been a whole year since you came into our lives? In many ways it feels like you’ve always been here but in others time has vanished. You entered the world just one day late with much less drama than your sisters, after a super fast established labour on the most romantic day of the year.

Asides from having to have IV antibiotics for your first 48 hours, Daddy and I were relived that you were healthy. You happily started feeding right away, and have loved your milk ever since that first feed. You were almost named Freddy Valentine, but mummy got vetoed at the last minute.

2014-08-18 18.53.39You fed and slept perfectly for the first six months of your life, so well in fact that Mummy managed to write the first draft of her book in the early hours of the morning while you feasted on boobies and the rest of the house got their Zzzzz‘s.

Months 7-11 were more of a challenge as your sleep got worse and worse, until we moved you into your own room and stopped the night feeds. You were sleeping well until getting a nasty infection this week, but hopefully it’s on its way out now.

You’re a very cultured little man, and have been with us on numerous trips out and about including Battersea Children’s Zoo, the London Museums and Tower of London. We’re looking forward to using your brand new passport in May when we’ll be taking our first overseas holiday as a family of five to Greece.

handsome fred summer14You were on the move much faster than your sisters, and crawled at exactly eight months. Although you aren’t walking independently just yet, I don’t think it’s going to be long. You can stand for the count of ten, and are very sturdy on those chunky legs, whizzing around with your Brio trolley. You bring new meaning to the phrase ‘he’s into everything’ – daddy and I need eyes in the back of our heads most days.

2014-10-31 17.44.31
Current favourite things to do include pulling all the toilet paper off the roll, eating the toilet paper, pulling your sister’s hair, climbing into the dishwasher and chewing on the laptop cables.

Your appetite sky rocketed once sleep improved, and you often eat more than your sister who is three. You will happily chow down on anything you’re offered – including Mummy’s sauerkraut and Thai tom yum as long as it’s not too spicy. Such a refined palate for a young man. You’re also still very partial to mummy’s boobies, although breastfeeding feels like it’s coming to a bittersweet end. Two hour feeds every evening can only go on so long.

We’re all super excited about the party later, and hope that you enjoy it! No doubt you’ll be passed around from pillar to post and spoilt rotten.

2014-12-31 17.36.00Happy first birthday Freddy boy, we love you very very much xxx

PS – I hope you’ll forgive me in the years to come for the lack of memories jotted down in your baby record book. Thankfully this blog has documented all your milestones, because that book isn’t anywhere nearly as full as your sister’s books are!

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  1. Ahhh thanks so much Tim, Iwholeheartedly agree of course 🙂

  2. Everyone says that Maddy but I just can’t see it! The girls are the image of their dad so it’s nice to have one that looks like me 🙂 xx

  3. I love it too hon, it’s just so natural. I’m glad it’s not just me… hopefully they won’t mind xx

  4. Thanks so much lovely xxx

  5. Time just vanishes once you have kids, I’ll be packing him off to uni in the blink of an eye!

  6. Happy birthday little one. So cute. I love a good first birthday. They grow so quickly don’t they? MM will be two in June. Can’t believe it. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  7. mummytries says:

    Oh wow, 2000 photos! Not sure Freddy has that many but he has a fair few 😉 That reminds me I really must get a load printed out, last time was way back in September. Happy birthday to Giles in a few weeks x

  8. mummytries says:

    Thanks Sophie, glad I’m not the only one xx

  9. mummytries says:

    Thanks Sarah, I can’t either it’s gone so fast xx

  10. What a lovely post. I can’t believe he’s a year old already! I chuckled at him eating and unravelling the toilet rolls. Happy birthday, Freddy! 🙂 x

  11. A bit late, but happy birthday Freddy! Such a gorgeous little boy. And I reckon the blog beats the baby book any day. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway… Xx

  12. Happy Birthday Freddy! Its my little boy Giles’s birthday in a few weeks. I have loads of gaps in my baby book too – hoping the 2,000+ photos of him I have taken in the last 12 months will make up for it though! x

  13. mummytries says:

    Tee hee, those Freddy/Freddie’s are sooooo cool xx

  14. mummytries says:

    Thanks so much xx

  15. mummytries says:

    Thanks lovely xx

  16. mummytries says:

    This will be the bane of the poor boys life hon, out of thirty-odd birthday cards only five people spelt his name right!!

  17. mummytries says:

    Ahhh thanks Julie xx

  18. Oh goodness, how did I miss your post. Happy Birthday Freddy. xxx

  19. Whose name I’ve just spelt wrong! I have a cousin who spells his name ‘ie’ – habit, sorry!

  20. A huge happy birthday to Freddie! This year really does seem to have flown, can’t believe he’s one already 🙂 Gorgeous photos of your little man xx

  21. Aawww how cute! Happy Birthday Freddy! Have a great day and party x x #sharewithme

  22. Aaaw happy belated birthday to a lovely little chap (with an ace name! 😉 )! Hope he had a great day xx

  23. Happy birthday, Freddy! I do love that last photo of him – that smile will break a thousand hearts on eday …

  24. Happy birthday Freddy! I hope he had a lovely day! (and doesn’t he look like his mummy in those last few pics!) xx

  25. Happy birthday to the little man by the way! xx

  26. That photo of you and Freddy is absolutely gorgeous. Better, even, it doesn’t look like it was taken by a photographer. I love that. I have no decent photo of me and Wriggly, and I regret not asking a friend to try and take a few. Oh well… Your beautiful posts are much better than any baby book would ever be. That’s certainly what I keep telling myself when I look at Wriggly’s blank one! xxx

  27. Happy birthday Freddie!! Glad he’s feeling better. Gorgeous little boy xxx

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