What Kind of Mummy Blogger am I?

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It would seem that it’s a great time to be a mummy blogger 

what kind of mummy blogger am I?A group of highly successful bloggers were shot down in the national press this week. But who actually takes an article seriously when it speaks of feeding still-frozen fish fingers to children, and swigging neat gin from sippy cups? I suspect the main outcome was driving book sales of said bloggers through the roof. 

Some mummy bloggers are boasting six figure incomes. I find it pretty mind blowing, because it’s an insane amount of money to make through what most see as a little hobby!

Every day bloggers are releasing books, and courses. With the right attitude and work ethic, an uber lucrative career is apparently at all our fingertips.  

Everyone wants you to join their Facebook groups, and be a part of their community. But how on earth do you keep up with that many groups? Not to mention all the other social media stuff that goes hand in hand with blogging.

I don’t really fit the standard mummy blogger mould

I tell it as it is, whilst also advocating feeding my kids the best food possible, whilst at the same time being the crappiest photographer on the blogging block.

I (gasp) actually enjoy having sex with my husband. 

I’ve been open about almost crossing the line into alcoholism, and my battle with the booze. Not in a badge of honour way, in a very real way that most people aren’t willing to face up to and admit.

I don’t do mummy guilt, because I know that I’m doing absolutely everything in my power to be the best mum and wife I can be, and therefore have nothing to feel guilty about. 

For now at least. Who knows what the future will bring?

The trouble with keeping it real

In telling it as it is with my properly raw posts, I quite literally bleed all over the screen. I can imagine people flinching as they read my words, wincing even, thinking: is it really necessary? All that emotion?

Yet readers have told me that my blogs are their therapy, and I make them feel less alone. No matter how understanding friends and family are, no-one truly gets how utterly all consuming it is to raise SEN children, unless they’re also doing it.

That’s not to say that it’s a oneupmanship contest either. I rarely enter into my life is harder than yours competitions, because it’s pointless.

Neither do I use empty phrases like: we’re all in this together, because they are simply not true. We aren’t in this together. We are in this life with our nearest and dearest.

Being a woman doesn’t automatically mean I share the same opinions that all other women have. Just because someone else is a mummy blogger doesn’t mean I agree with everything they say. 

I take offense to the idea that not agreeing with the status quo means that you’re tearing others down. That’s the wonderful thing about people – we’re all different and are allowed to have different views. 

I don’t have a massive following, and when it comes down to the bare bones, blogging and vlogging is a popularity contest

It can all feel so very false.

Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Never put your neck on the line, just in case it looks bad. 

How many Facebook likers do you have? How’s your Instagram engagement? How many retweets do you get? 

It’s an absurd thing to get caught up in. 

what type of mummy blogger am I?

So to answer my own question, I’m the type of mummy blogger who… 

…is exactly the same in real life as I am online. 

…prefers to eat hot food and take crap photos. 

…falls in and out of love with blogging on a daily basis.  

…blogs about real life, not a glammed up version fit for Instagram. 

…only collaborates with brands I believe in. I’ve turned down many a well paid offer because I’m not comfortable to compromise my principles (usually where food is concerned).

…isn’t afraid to talk about the things most shy away from. We live an era where Donald Trump is the most powerful man in the world, and many in the UK will be voting Tory on the 8th June because the austerity cuts don’t directly affect them. It’s a sad time, and we shouldn’t be silenced through the fear that people might roll their eyes and think ‘what’s she ranting about now’? 

I’m not really sure what this post is or where it will lead

Probably no-where, but I will press publish, come what may.

Because this is my actual real life, and that’s what blogging is supposed to be about.

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