The Midwives Played Such a Huge Part in all Three of my Births

This is me giving birth less than two weeks ago. I was looked looked after superbly by a fabulous lady at the midwife-led Birthing Centre attached to my local hospital. My third birth was straight forward and quick. I arrived at 3:45pm 5cm dilated, and my son was born less than three hours later.

He was only one day overdue, came out naturally, and I didn’t need any medical attention afterwards. My second baby came into the world in a similar fashion, in the very same room that I am in above. First time around was another story entirely…

We’d planned a home birth for 4yo, but after a five day early labour, and spending 12 hours in established labour, it became apparent that things were not going to plan. She was stuck and we needed to go to hospital. Fortunately I had a fantastically experienced community midwife with me throughout, and never once felt scared. She also insisted that I receive an epidural upon arrival (even though I was 9cm dilated) which gave me the chance to rest while they put me on the syntocinon drip.

imageI was pushing for almost two hours, and my baby was delivered with forceps. I haemorrhaged quite badly afterwards, and was pretty much stitched from vagina to anus. 4yo was almost 9lb, and back to back explaining why she got stuck (I’m a mere 5’2″). Had the midwife not made the call to get to hospital when she did, who knows how things would have panned out for us both. What I do know is that we’re incredibly lucky to live where we do, and have access to the fantastic midwifery care that we have.

Every year 1 million babies around the world die on their first (and only) day of life. With the support of skilled midwives most of these lives could be saved. Please join me and sign Save the Children’s petition calling on David Cameron to ensure that by 2025 every baby is born with the life-saving support of a midwife. Help to end the scandal of first day deaths.



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9 thoughts on “The Midwives Played Such a Huge Part in all Three of my Births

  1. Thanks Judith, our boy is two weeks old today. Sorry you had to go through a similar experience, thank goodness it’s all behind us now! Hope you’re well lovely x

  2. two weeks ago?!?! Boy have I been out of the loop! Congratulations!! And your first birth story sounds very similar to mine – actually don’t really want to think about it, it was quite horrible and I genuinely thought I was going to die. Second one was quite eventful but totally redeemed the first. So so pleased to hear your son’s birth was a good one! 🙂

  3. Thanks Chris. I feel very fortunate to have had two straightforward births after the first experience. Midwives are invaluable, I couldn’t imagine any of my babies being brought into the world without at least one to see that it happened safely. Such shocking stats, but hopefully the campaign will raise lots of awareness and funding xx

  4. Thanks so much, very happy that he’s here and it was all fairly straightforward. He did end up having IV antibiotics after the birth though, which wasn’t very nice.

    Totally agree with you, scary really that a perfectly healthy pregnancy can lead to such a difficult birth. I’m so small and we were all expecting a tiny baby but out popped my massive girl. She was in the 91st percentile for height & weight and 98th for head circumference. Ouch! No wonder she got stuck. I owe so much to that amazing midwife – for making the call to get to hospital, and also making sure I was given pain relief upon arrival. I can’t even imagine how I would have felt afterward the birth if I’d been refused an epidural…

  5. What amazes me is that every pregnancy has the potential to ‘turn’ without expert guidance, support and intervention. So pleased on the birth of your little boy. Congratulations and well done for highlighting this. My own pregnancy and birth was complicated and I will be never, ever forget the wonderful NHS staff. In fact I would defend them to the hilt! Get your finger out Cameron…

  6. Oh dear, that first birth sounds like it was quite a traumatic experience, but the next two seem to have been a breeze! I am glad it all went well and your little one arrived safely to your family. Midwives are fantastic! x Mel

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