A Long Weekend in Ibiza: I’m Not Afraid to Admit that My Mind is Blown

long weekend in ibiza

“Whatever you do, don’t write about going to Ibiza.”

Said everyone I know, but my itchy fingers have a mind of their own. I’m a writer after all, how on earth am I supposed to not write about the most life affirming experience I’ve had in a very long time?

In a nutshell, Ibiza was mind blowingly awesome!

I’ve been a mum for seven years, and in that time I haven’t had more than one day away from my children. That’s an awfully long time when life is as relentless as mine is. Home educating means there is very little down time, not to mention the fighting, the screaming, the a word. The ringing in my ears that never ever stops. To say that I needed a break was an understatement, and it was exceptionally overdue. My long weekend in Ibiza could not come quick enough!

The trip was booked at the start of the year, and as last Friday got closer, the excitement became palpable. Myself and a great friend met another bestie of ours, and her group of friends out there. I knew it would be fun, but Ibiza surpassed every expectation I had. All I’m going to say is this crew know how to enjoy themselves, and as I get older I realise that’s the secret to a fulfilling life.long weekend in ibiza

We must never stop enjoying ourselves, and living vicariously through our children does not count.

Busy, stressed out parents need things just for them. In the great words of Monica from Friends WE NEED THE STUFF! Events and activities that fill our hearts with joy, and make our cheeks feel like they might just fall off because we’re smiling and laughing so hard. We can’t give give give 24/7/365 with nothing for us.

We will break otherwise.

I thought that dancing until my legs felt they were going to stop working was a thing of the past, but evidently not. It was a pleasant surprise to come home with extra family members. The music, the scenery, the people. Where on earth could I possibly begin?

Well you didn’t honestly think I was going to divulge the gory details did you?

Thanks to the folks who made this mama so happy she’s sat here crying joyfully at the memories.

You know who you are.

And just in case you were wondering. Yes, there will be a next time!

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