Life is Hard, but I am Grateful

life is hard but I am grateful

“Have you seen the news?”

Like lots of others this morning I woke up to news that felt like a sucker punch to the belly. As I’ve done so many times in the last twenty years, I did a quick mental tally and my thoughts drifted to those who might be affected. Facebook now has a function that informs us when our friends are ‘safe’. Not quite sure how I feel about that to be honest.

The kids and I had a date in the diary with one of my oldest (and certainly one of my most fabulous) friends Nic, and her gorgeous three. We haven’t seen them since our party in February, which is quite frankly unacceptable.

kids in a phone boxShit happens though. Life happens, and unfortunately divorce happens. It means catching up with friends that live 60 miles away doesn’t happen as often as it could. That’s fine though, we have the kind of friendship where we could quite easily go five years without speaking a word, yet nothing would change. Of course everything would change. Babies would be born, careers would go in a different direction, relationships would be tested. Her and I would still be the same though.

So we met up and had a day out in London with our six children. In the cold and the rain. We went on a whistlestop tour of the Capital with our kidlets – which meant there were meltdowns and tears aplenty.

But there was also laughter, and the sheer joy you feel at just being in the other person’s company. When you have a shared history like ours that goes back almost two decades there’s usually a lot to giggle about. Life is hard for so many people right now, but there is always lots to be grateful for.

We ummmmmed and ahhhhhed about whether to stick to our plans and meet up today, and decided that yes we would.

Because we cannot live our lives in fear of the big bad bogey man.

Whatever form he comes in.

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10 thoughts on “Life is Hard, but I am Grateful

  1. There’s just so much to be sad about in this sometimes horrid and unjust world, but when we have children we have to live don’t we. It’s not fair on them otherwise.

  2. So glad you had a good day. It so so easy to let it get you down, understandably, but it then stops you from enjoying and living life doesn’t it? That poem really struck a chord with me over the weekend.

  3. Ahhhh Denise, where to start. Honestly? The 2001 version of me would be full of theories and opinions right about now, but the 2015 me knows it’s a pointless mission. What I do know is that we must strive to keep our own world safe for our children, it’s all we can do. And in the mean time we cannot live in fear, because that’s what the terrorists and puppet masters want. A fearful society is an easy to control society.

  4. Oh my darling, feel so sad for your friends and family. We absolutely must not live in fear, but on saying that it would be exceptionally difficult not to if we were in France right now. Sending lots of love your way xxx

  5. Not being scared and carrying on as if we were safe is important, even though ‘something might happen.’ Terrorism is all about bringing fear, terror, crippling us. By not proving them right, you’re certainly giving them a good fight. So true, Paris is not the only news we should be worrying about, but it is hard not to focus on what happens this close to home. My friends and family have been forbidden to leave their homes and the thought they might be at risk is terrifying.

  6. I love the piece about the world. That sums up how I feel. I feel very torn when I see this dramatic outpouring of grief, as it inevitably makes me think of the world’s inequalities.
    Glad you had a good day out, sorry the weather wasn’t better for you.

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