Let Me Tell You About Mental Health

Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable

Let me tell you about mental health
It’s not all monumental highs and epic lows
Distraught damsels in distress
Maniacs fighting in the street
Still “in” gays, trans people trapped
The battered and defeated
Aren’t the only ones
Who are suffering

So, let me tell you about mental health
The way your fingers curl into themselves
Your eyes bore into the back of somebody else’s head
Your mind drifts
Is this what I’m going to be doing for the rest of my life?
Is this all there is?
Anxiety spirals, stuck on pointless loops
Past regrets run through your mind like a videotape
What if?
So pointless

So, let me tell you about mental health
It’s not glamorous or fun
It’s not like it is in films and books
The auntie who had a “funny turn”
The family friend no one ever mentions anymore
We talk about our feelings way too much, yet not nearly enough
We’ve got to look after ourselves and each other
Kindness has to be put front and centre
What’s the alternative?

So, let me tell you about mental health
Our minds are just as important as our bodies, it’s all linked
We come into this world naked, brand-new
No preconceived ideas, clogging our heads
Stopping us from moving forward
We’re full of wonder at what’s to come
Hope seeps through our pores
We watch our little world with wide-eyed love
Along the way, life beats us down
We’ll do things we’re not proud of
And waste too much time
Longing after the past and fretting about the future

So, let me tell you about mental health
It doesn’t discriminate
Doesn’t care about your age, colour, race or gender
Doesn’t give a flying fuck how glittering your career has been
What job you do, how much money you have in the bank
How much you’ve lived to the full
How many friends you have, who would say “you got this”
Or “I’ve got your back”
When the stormy clouds come and your mind gets dark
You go into survival mode
Just got to get through the day

© Renee Davis, 17th February 2020

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