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Laughter Really is the Best Medicine

Why Laughter Really is the Very Best MedicineI went out on Saturday. Not to soft play, or lunch with the children, or a date with my husband. I went out on my own, for the 40th birthday of a very dear friend. If that wasn’t enough, another one of my bestest besties was also going.

She has three children as well, and the two of us haven’t had an unbroken conversation since my eldest was a newborn and we used to meet while her older two were at school. We both made the decision to stay over at the birthday gal’s place, which meant I could guarantee not being woken up throughout the night, or have children clambering all over me at 6am! 

A well deserved day off

I set off at 1:30pm, literally shutting the door to chaos erupting behind me. It was understandable really, this was only the second time since being a mum that I’ve ever gone out with the intention of not coming home. I consoled myself that Hubby would get it all under control, and when I checked in with him a few hours later on text that was indeed the case. 

I sat on the train heading into Waterloo, full of excitement, feeling so light. I’m no martyr, but don’t do much for me, and my day out was very needed. We’re almost three months into our home education journey, and although it has without a doubt been the right decision, it’s still hard not having any time off from the kids. Also, with bedtime in our house taking two hours on average, even an ‘easy day’ can leave me pretty exhausted. Knowing that I didn’t have to do it all for one night was pretty ace.

So much fun

drinking sambuca shots with the girls!
oh dear!

We headed to The Grange in Bermondsey. A gorgeous little pub, who aim to be in their own words, ‘your second front room’. They certainly achieve this, offering fabulous food, decently priced drinks and good music. My friend had a great turn out too, and I was so pleased for her; being a January birthday she has suffered many a disappointing ‘special’ day in the past, and it was lovely to see so many of her mates come out to help her celebrate.

While she mingled and worked the room, my other friend and I took the opportunity to do six years worth of catching up. We paced ourselves drinking wise, and stuck to singles which was a sensible move. Until the very end of course, when we thought sambuca shots were a wonderful idea. Not to mention continuing the party, avec champers, at our friends flat until 4:30am.

Cunning plans for more of the same

We had such a great time, and it was worth every second of my hangover on Sunday. While I was busy dancing and singing out of tune to Meghan Trainor, or putting the world to rights with two of my favourite people on the planet, I realised that laughter really is the best medicine. There might have even been talk of a weekend in Ibiza in the summer, which would be all kinds of amazing. Now I just need to convince the Hubby that it’s a brilliant plan, and I’ll be a happy bunny. Watch this space!

Have you been laughing lately? I do hope so 😉

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