Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

last minute Christmas gift ideas

I’m usually one of those annoyingly smug people who has all their Xmas gifts wrapped by the 1st December. As an avid charity shop buyer, I usually pick up pressies all year round and stash them. But distractions have well and truly got in the way recently, hence this list. Truth be told, it’s more of a note to myself than anything else!

Last minute Christmas gift ideas for children


Regular readers will already know I’m a huge fan of Librio. Their personalised kids stories are fabulous to read, and their eco credentials are second to none. A truly aspirational company that I’ve been honoured to work with this past year. Use the link above and my code REN6891 for discounts.


One on one time is so vital when you have two or more children. Give them a home made token with the option of having a whole day with mummy or daddy and let them decide what they want to do. This can cost as much or as little as you want it to. Going swimming, to a museum, cheap weekend morning cinema tickets, the park. These are all lovely activities which won’t set you back much, but I guarantee your little person will be over the moon to get you all to themselves.


The Geo Journey subscription box teaches children about the world in a fun way. Starting with an explorer kit, they will then receive monthly packages through the post to learn about new countries. Subscriptions start from £12 and the kids will receive letters, photos, and souvenirs from around the world. My three have really enjoyed their gifted subscription.


RoosterMoney teaches children about the importance of cash, in this digital age. Using smart technology, RoosterMoney bring traditional financial principles to life in an interactive way. Starting from four years old, the digital tracker allows your children to keep track of their own money. They can save towards goals, earn rewards and even have their own debit card.

Last minute Christmas gift ideas for adults


The nicest thing anyone can do for a tired parent is offer to look after their kids for a few hours. Another idea is a promise to make the recipient a meal or take them out for one after the silly season is over. Book in the date quickly though, otherwise the year will run away and you’ll be left with nothing but empty words.


Biscuits, energy balls, chocolates, etc, all taste better when they’ve been made with extra love. Non toxic deodorant, soap, lotion bars, etc, are best for our bodies and the environment.

last minute Christmas gift ideas


Keep cups, water bottles, beeswax wraps all make for brilliant gifts, as long they are needed and will be used. There isn’t much point giving an eco conscious person an item they already have. But for others, it might be the nudge they desperately need to become more eco minded. Use my affiliate link for the Global WakeCUP for a discount or check out your local Oxfam shop.


During tough times a little bit of positivity goes a long way. Subscribe your loved ones to this gorgeous magazine and boost their wellbeing.

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