Why I Can’t Sit Back and Do Nothing about The Syrian Refugees

It could have been us - MUMMY TRIES

I admit that I haven’t been following the recent news events, because I’ve had too much going on in my own life. Between my daughter’s autism diagnosis and getting made redundant from my previously beloved part time job, it’s been one thing after another. I speak in a very first world problems type of way though. Ultimately I know how incredibly fortunate I am to have a roof over my head, food in my fridge and a loving family surrounding me. Which is why I, along with every other mother I know, was moved to tears when the photo of drowned Syrian toddler Aylan Kurdi started filling up our social media feeds.

I haven’t had it easy, in fact life has in parts been tougher for me than any other person I know, but nothing I have experienced even comes a teeny tiny bit close to what the refugees in Calais are going through. Nothing ever could. I feel ashamed that it’s taken me seeing this photo to snap me out of my bubble and start thinking about people outside of my little world.

I once made a statement that got me into trouble, but am standing by my words: I believe that apathy is worse than evil. My conscience won’t allow me to sit back and turn a blind eye because this doesn’t directly affect me and mine. As a blogger I’d like to use my voice for some greater good, and I’ll be getting involved in any way I can to try and make a small difference to these people’s lives.

I’ll be taking supplies to a lady in South London which will go straight to Calais, this amazing woman has opened her home as a storage warehouse, simply incredible! I’ll also be sending winter clothes, toiletries and crockery we no longer need to the charity In-Visible. Click on the coloured text to learn more about these grass roots organisations.

There’s lots that you could do from the comfort of your own home though. Such as sending a text to 70008 with the word SYRIA, to donate £5 to Save the Children. You could also sign the petition to lobby our government to ensure that Britain is accepting its fair share of refugees seeking safety in Europe.

Whatever you do, please don’t turn a blind eye. 

Do something to help.


Whatever you decide, don’t chose apathy.


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  1. Just turning a blind eye on what goes on around you just isn’t acceptable! I agree with you 100% hun xx

  2. Thanks for the tip-off about the woman in South London. I’ll be getting in touch with her….

  3. Thank you for writing this gorgeous. Your writing is always on point and evokes emotion. You are all so amazing for doing this. I always donate to Save The Children but I’ll be sending more and I really want to donate some blankets, clothes and shoes. I will be writing a post but I’ve not been feeling to well. Hopefully it won’t go to waste. You are doing the community proud. Big love love my lady. Xxxxx

  4. Amen to that! I’m going to be looking out some of the kids’ old winter clothes today. If everyone does their bit it can really help make a difference.

  5. Brilliant post. It’s great to see the blogging community come together on issues like this. #refugeesnotmigrants

  6. Devastating isn’t it, apathy is awful and it’s incredible to see the blogging community come together for this vital cause, because it could have been all of us. That lady in London is amazing, much love xx

  7. It’s so so awful isn’t it? I think the photo of that poor little boy hit so hard and I really hope a big difference is now made 🙁 x

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