Introducing Polly Tries

Polly TriesIntroducing Polly Tries!

My 6yo daughter Polly has been practising her typing skills, and would like to share with you her favourite things. 

1. I like getting my dojo’s* and getting my prizes like an Frozen bag that lits up the same colour  as your clouth’s.

2. My favourite colour’s are pink red and purple.

3. My favourite film is Despicale ME 2.

4. My favourite song is Let it go.

5.My favourite dojo is sleep all night.

6. When Granny and Grandad come for a sleepover it makes me really happy.

7. When I go to the cinema it makes me really happy too.

8. My favourite book is Inside out. 

9. My favourite game is Disney Guess Who.

10.My favourite toy is my Elsa toy.

11. My favourite treat is chocolate or a chocolate bar.

12. My favourite program is Topsy and Tim.

13. My favourite foods are banna’s and frozen peas.

14. My favourite places are the beach and the swimming pool.

*dojos are our points/reward system, which the girls earn during bedtime providing they do what is asked of them. It has certainly helped us with surviving the witching hour (well some nights)! I will be writing about this in depth another time.

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4 thoughts on “Introducing Polly Tries

  1. I love this honey! Polly is such a sweetie-pie. Little man was talking about her this afternoon *or was it yesterday?). Love the fct her grandparents having a sleepover feature in her list; that’s really special. x

  2. Polly, has anyone told you that your typing is really good? You must have been working hard on it. If you ever want to tell us any more of your favourites or anything that has happened in your day, or any other of those bloggy sort or things, I would love to read!

  3. This is just too cute! I am very keen to hear more by your dojo system, not least on how you names it! I think Mushroom would love the idea of this, mostly because of the name (he’s into martial arts at the moment)…

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