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Illness, Birthdays and The Fat Controller #ad

me and the birthday girlThis weekend was P’s 6th birthday. We had been around the houses several times about a party, and decided in the end that we wouldn’t do one this year. In light of her recent ASD diagnosis, hubby and I are trying to do everything in our power to keep life as predictable and low key as we can. We’ve learnt the hard way that to truly avert a meltdown we have to remove all roads that lead to it. Seeing as playing at a neighbour’s house after school for an hour is enough to throw her world into complete chaos at the moment, we felt that a birthday party might have been too overwhelming for her. That’s not to say we won’t have one next year, in fact I’m hoping we will.

Who needs the gym when you can just run up and down the stairs a hundred times every night?

It’s just as well we took this stance, because the kids were ill all last week! It started on Tuesday when F came out in chicken poxy looking spots. Then P started burning up that night and had a sky high temperature on Wednesday morning. This has been a regular occurrence with her since she was two, and we usually let her body naturally fight off the virus with the fever. Normally she bounces back within 24-48, hours, but this bug lingered, and she still isn’t 100%. C had an intense bout of sickness that didn’t last as long but was like something out of a horror film.

Although P was still spoilt rotten with loads of lovely cards and pressies, it was a far cry from the fabulous birthday most six year olds dream of having. Deciding it was too far to travel, we cancelled our Olympic Park plans, and went to Battersea Park instead, which is usually a huge win for our lot. No-one was in the mood though, and there were lots of tears over tired legs and drags on scooters and carries. I made her favourite chocolate birthday cake too, but the only person who has been eating it is hubby. I’m trying not to feel too bad about it, after all these are things we can’t predict. I still do though, because I know how gutted she was.

Some much needed Mummy and P time

wpid-wp-1436721315336.jpegWe were kindly invited by Mattel to the premier of the new Thomas the Tank Engine film in Leicester Square on Sunday. Originally we were all going to go and make a day of it with lunch afterwards, but in the end I took P on my own. It had been a while since we had a bit of time just the two of us, and it worked out well. In fact it ended up being the highlight of the weekend.

I’ll be writing another post all about the great film – Sodor’s Legend of the Lost Treasure – so stay tuned for that.

Happy Monday folks, hope your week has started well 🙂

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  1. You really do sound as though you’re thinking this through and trying to make the most of a difficult situation – well done. I swear by spending time with them alone and this sounds perfect for you and P. I always find it restores our relationship ten-fold by a few hours on our own together 🙂 x

  2. Oh no, hope everyone is feeling much better now. It sounds like you enjoyed your day together. Great photo! 🙂

  3. Oh guys, I hope the illness has all gone now. Poor kiddos. Isn’t awful when the weather perks up and everyone gets so ill you can’t actually set foot outdoors? It sounds like P still had a great birthday, and check you out for being invited to film premieres in Leicester square! xx

  4. I really don’t think you should feel bad, you did what was the best thing for her and to keep things on a level. Poor you with all the sickness! I think quality time is so important with just one child but it’s so hard to get isn’t it. I had a day with my six year old a few weeks ago and it was lovely. Lots of love x

  5. Phew, a tough week but a nice way to end it with some one-to-one time with Polly. Hope this week’s better!

  6. It’s really no fun with a sick child(ren)… but it sounds like you and P had some lovely two-some time! 🙂

  7. What bad luck on P’s birthday, but I hope some special time with mum is just the tonic she needed.

  8. Oh dear, poor you guys 🙁 I’m sure the fab outing to the Thomas Film made up for it, I bet P loved having a special day out with you! Happy Birthday little lady xx

  9. I can’t wait to read your post about the Thomas film, I hope it was good. Daniel’s a huge Thomas fan and is already excited about seeing it.

    I hope everyone is feeling better soon xx

  10. I’m glad you still managed to have a fab day at Battersea lovely. And I hope the illness has all but subsided now. Only you guys know what’s best and P would have had a fab birthday regardless. Happy belated birthday P! xx ps. let me know how you’re fixed for tomorrow lunch

  11. Sorry to hear you have all been ill and not able to fully enjoy P’s birthday. The film sounds great fun though! What a fabulous birthday treat for the lovely birthday girl! I can’t believe that my youngest is the age of your oldest! Scary that he is 6 today. Feeling all nostalgic!! Have a fab wee.

  12. Sorry to hear the girls have been poorly and the birthday celebrations didn’t go smoothly but so lovely to read all the proactive things you’re doing to help her with her ASD. The things premiere looks like it was very much enjoyed by all 🙂 x

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