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Blog title for The WorksI like the word thrifty, and all that it implies. As a mum of three who doesn’t have a fixed income, it’s vital that I’m as thrifty as I can possibly be. I don’t visit the high street very often these days, but there is one shop that I will go back to time and again. The Works is a treasure cave of goodies at bargain prices, and I never walk out of there feeling ripped off (unlike too many other shops I won’t mention).

A true one stop shop

I’m in the midst of planning a party similar to the one we threw last February, and even though it will be July, I just don’t think we can rely on the sunshine making an appearance. Plan A involves a collection of paddling pools on a field, the sprinklers turned on and the kids running around in their swimming cossies, but we need activities for an indoors Plan B in case it rains.

I knew I’d be able to count on The Works to provide inspiration, and wasn’t disappointed. They had a selection of items that were already great value at half price, so for twelve pounds I picked up an inflatable boxing bag and two pairs of inflatable gloves, as well as a giant target ball game. Our local store isn’t huge, but I’ve already been online and have seen some other games that I’ll be ordering through their website.

Great haul for just £30!  

The Works CollageWhile we were in the shop we also picked up some other bits. My eclectic haul set me back just £30, and included fishing nets for the children for the next time we go pond dipping; a relaxation colouring book and Spanish book for my eldest; birthday cards (which always come in handy) and a fab little night light for my middle girl.

All in all a very successful shopping experience, that didn’t break the bank. After a tough week I thought we’d test road the boxing set, and had a lot of fun, as you can see in the video clip below.

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