Hair Care Tips for Those in Need of a Boost or Suffering from Hair Loss

hair care tips

I’ve had long hair for about thirty of my thirty eight years. Every now and then I decide I need a change, so chop it all off. I usually adore my just chopped haircut, but quite a lot goes into the upkeep of short hair. So I usually spend three years growing it long before starting to feel the need for another change. Surely I’m not the only person who does this? I’m going through a cycle of it at the moment, so I thought I’d share some of my hair care tips with you today. 

I do know that I’m exceptionally fortunate to have the choice, when many don’t. Hair loss doesn’t just happen to men, I’ve know plenty of women who have experienced devastating hair loss, especially during and directly after pregnancy.

hair care tips

Some hair care tips for you today 

Don’t over wash your hair. Although it might feel counterproductive at first, washing your hair less means that it will retain more of it’s natural oils and resilience. These days I wash my hair twice a week, and I lose about a handful with each wash. I shudder to think how much hair I’d be losing if I was still washing it every day.     

Use natural hair care products. This is a total no brainer for me, but I know for a fact that most of my friends are still using products that are loaded with SLS and other nasty chemicals. Switch to products that are paraben free, and preferably organic. They might be more expensive, but your hair and body will thank you for it in the long run.    

Make your own products. You could go one step further and make your own – it might sound like a major faff, but is surprisingly easy to do so. Egg whites or almond oil are a great replacement for conditioner if you have dry or damaged hair. Rub a handful into the hair as you would conditioner when you first get in the shower or bath, then rinse off at the end. You can make your own hair gel by boiling flaxseed with water for ten minutes, then passing through a sieve. 

Use hairdryers and irons sparingly. I work from home, which means I get to look exactly how I please. However, even when I was still working in the City, I would wash my hair in the evenings and let it dry naturally. I can probably count on my one hand how many time I’ve used my straighteners in the last five years. Heat is very damaging to hair, and should only be used when necessary.       

Eat a great diet. I believe wholeheartedly that we are what we eat, and a good diet can have dramatic effects over our hair. If we have a poor diet, lacking in fresh veggies, and good quality protein, the hair will have to work a lot harder to do it’s job of constantly growing back.  


Do you have any care hair care tips to share?

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