Grain Free Chicken Nuggets

chicken nugget in handThe photos I’ve posted on Instagram of my grain free chicken nuggets (aka paleo) have been really popular, so I thought it high time to write up the recipe.

I think you’ll agree that they are too easy to make. When real food is so good and so effortless, who needs the junk version?

Ingredients (for about 20 little nuggets)
4 boneless and skinless chicken thighs
An egg yolk
The end of a lemon
50g ground almonds or coconut flour, both work just as well
50ml (ish) of good quality cooking oil, I use coconut

Step One: chop your chicken into small bite sized
pieces and place in a bowl, prepare the other three
ingredients as below
Step 1 ingredients




Step Two: squeeze the lemon juice over the chicken pieces,
then coat in the egg yolk. Put your almonds or coconut
flour into a separate bowl

Step 2




Step Three:
mix the lemony egg into the chicken
so each piece is covered

Step 3







Step Four:
dip each piece of chicken into the almonds
or coconut flour, until all sides are coated as below

Step 4







Step Five: repeat until every single piece of chicken
is covered in crumbs as below

Step 5







Step Six:
heat your oil over a high heat, and
start placing your chicken into the pan one by one
*it’s really important to ensure the oil is hot enough

Step 6 frying





Step Seven: shallow fry your chicken pieces until
they are golden brown as below, then turn them
over the other side until they are thoroughly cooked

Step 6 frying2





chicken nuggets served up




                          ENJOY 🙂

chicken nugget collage








tasty tuesday

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10 Replies to “Grain Free Chicken Nuggets”

  1. Thanks for popping by!

  2. Ohh! It’s delicious and also good for health.

  3. what a lovely little activity to do with their nan, bet they love that xx

  4. Please keep me posted if you give them a try 🙂

  5. They’re so yummy hon, using the thigh instead of breast creates such a good flavour and the coconut on the outside is a good addition… I had a feeling you’d like them xx

  6. Oh love this so much, thanks for sharing, will be making these low carb lovelies for myself and the family soon! Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays x

  7. My son could live on chicken nuggets! I love the idea of the ground almonds as I always have a bag in the cupboard.

  8. Homemade chicken nuggets are simply delicious! We always have them at my mum’s and the kids love making them with their nan. xx

  9. Totally get this hon, we have roast chicken at least once a week out of ease 😉

  10. Ooo yum! I haven’t made chicken nuggets for ages and it is well over due! I always end up buying a whole chicken these days and can’t be bothered with pulling it apart before it is cooked…so everything we eat generally revolves around using cooked chicken. But I do crave a good chicken nugget!

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