GAPS Intro: Step Two, Day Three

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This morning was rather brutal. 4yo woke herself up at 4:30 having a coughing fit, then refused to go back to sleep afterwards. I fed the baby, settled him in his cot and took her downstairs. Fortunately 2yo did the sensible thing and went back to sleep, and hubby of course appreciated the opportunity to have a lie-in. The time was 4:57am, a personal best so far this year! To be fair she was pretty well behaved those first couple of hours, being quiet so as to not wake up the others. Lucky devils slept until almost 8o’clock!

Thankfully my wobble yesterday was short lived and I felt much less gloomy today. We went to a fab farmers market and stocked up on supplies – see the photo above for the haul. This lot should last until our first Riverford box arrives on Friday, then next weekend we’ll go back. I’m becoming hell bent on buying as little as I can get away with from the supermarket. I got into great habits back in 2012 after going Paleo, but it went out the window when I was pregnant. It’s good to be back in the habit of shopping locally – apart from being cheaper than the shops, and ten times the quality, it’s nice to support the little people.

Diet wise today was all good. I’m *really* enjoying the gravadlax, and could eat it every day. So very yummy and too easy to make! I picked up a lovely slab of salmon today to make more tomorrow.

I made another batch of ghee following the recipe in the GAPS Book, and it worked well. It was easier than the method I’d been using previously, and will be my default now. All you need to do is put the butter into a shallow oven proof dish, and cook for an hour at 100C. When it comes out most of the milk proteins will have floated to the top, and can be skimmed off with a spoon. Leaving to cool, then passing through a sieve gets rid of the rest. I’m pretty confident that I’m tolerating it well. The big tell for me after eating dairy usually is getting a horrible taste in my mouth, and I don’t get that with the ghee, so fingers crossed!

I got 8 chicken carcasses with tons of meat left on the bones for just £2 at the market. It’s made about 3 litres of stock, which will keep me going for a few days.

I also made some milk kefir, but know I have to be careful not to overdo the strong probiotics at this stage. Hubby is going to have it, and I’ll be sneaking some into 2yo – who by the way has just done her first solid poo in months (more on this another time). As you can probably tell I am very excited about this!

Considering we had a shaky start, today was a good day overall!

4 thoughts on “GAPS Intro: Step Two, Day Three

  1. Your mention of 2 year old doing a solid poo put me in mind a post I wrote called “The Joy of a Flushable Poo!” It really is weird to feel so cheerful about such a thing eh?! Sounds like its all going great guns. I have a feeling that this GAPs project is very all encompassing and you have really thrown yourself into it which is obviously necessary. The bargains are amazing as ever! X

  2. Thanks Denise, I was really chuffed with that lot! Feels great to be getting out to farmers markets again.

    You are so right about listening to our bodies. Unfortunately between child rearing, work and general lack of time, it’s not always easy to do.

    Poor 4yo is in a mess with this cough, I’ve just been told to rub Vicks on her feet though as it’s meant to work wonders. Fingers crossed!

  3. That is a beautiful picture of all those veggies.  I am so pleased for you with the ghee too – it’s funny how your body tells you things if you listen to it, and this seems so right for you.  

    Sorry to hear about the coughing.  I remember coughing a lot like that when I was little, it used to take over my whole body.  Hope the syrup is working (what a clever idea btw!)


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