GAPS Intro: Step Three: Day Two

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I had a much needed day at home yesterday, to tackle the washing pile and try and get as much of my kitchen to do list completed as I could during school hours. I decided it was an ideal opportunity to write a detailed food diary, just to see if what I think I’m eating and drinking is actually true. It was an odd day eating wise, it all started fine but come midday I was hungry and head-achey and I couldn’t shake it off. At the end of the day when I was reviewing my intake, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t drink enough stock (only had about 500ml), so will be drinking more today.

I had ghee drizzled over my eggs for breakfast, and the flavour combination with the soft yolk is just incredible. So simple, yet so delicious. Decadent almost, which is not a word I thought I’d be using at this stage of GAPS! I also sprinkle my bio-kult over the eggs as it doesn’t taste of anything, and it’s become habit now. Just hope it’s working its magic!

Late morning I had half an avocado, which being one of my fave foods is great – it went down well and I’ve not had any reactions (touch wood). I’m enjoying the sauerkraut, but it’s potent stuff! Unfortunately had to throw out the last of my salmon gravadlax as it didn’t smell fresh enough to eat. I was gutted – hate wasting food, even a teeny bit, even more so when it’s really yummy food. I haven’t been brave enough to try nuts yet, but am going to do so tomorrow.

wpid-wp-1400153027113.jpegI’ve spoken briefly before about water kefir, which I’ve been making for almost two years now. For those not in the know it’s a natural way to make a fermented probiotic drink (you can buy the kefir grains online, or some health food shops). To make it simply dissolve a couple of tbsp of sugar in a litre of filtered water, add the grains and leave to ferment for a few days. The kefir eats up the sugar, and uses it up in the fermentation process, leaving behind a pleasant tasting drink.  My 2yo loves it, and drinks it quicker than I can make it at the mo. It’s a great alternative to juice, and I also sneak it into 4yo’s smoothies because she’s not a huge fan of it as is.

I made another batch of milk kefir to use as a starter for yoghurt for hubby and 2yo. Also knocked up a grain free muesli type concoction to replace his porridge – lightly toasting various nuts and coconut chips in coconut oil, vanilla and lacuma. It smelt absolutely amazing, and it got the seal of approval from 2yo. I’m excited about getting to eat that once I’m on full GAPS.

All in all it was a productive day, but the best news is that all three kids slept well last night. Woohoo!!

2 thoughts on “GAPS Intro: Step Three: Day Two

  1. Wow Cat, that’s a lot of moving! Hope you’re settling in well? Kefir is fab, can’t recommend it highly enough 🙂 loads of recipes here under the Food category my lovely xxx

  2. Sounds like a productive day! I like the sound of the water kefir. I am just setting up home again (move number 7 in 10 years!) so am trying to begin as I mean to go on and start even healthier habits, I’ll be back for recipes! Xxx

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