GAPS Intro: Step Three, Day Three

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A strange thing happened when I was making hubby’s dinner tonight. Even though we have been mostly dairy free in our house for years now, hubby still loves his cheese and we often have it in the fridge. I made him a pie for dinner and grated some cheddar to put on the top, then a few minutes later came up in several red blotchy itchy patches. This has never happened to me before just through touching cheese, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to become super sensitive to it now that my diet is so clean of other toxins? It’ll be interesting to see if it happens again.

All is still going well with the foods I’ve been eating previously. Tomorrow I’ll be having an almond butter based pancake, as per the book. Really hoping that I don’t react as nuts are my go-to flour substitute and in all of my baked goodies.

Good news on the grain-free muesli, it got the seal of approval from all! Hubby had his with kefir-milk, 2yo in a bowl dry and 4yo whizzed up into a smoothie with water-kefir and blueberries. It was great to see them all enjoying it, and adding another breakfast string to the bow. Stay tuned for the recipe. 


2 thoughts on “GAPS Intro: Step Three, Day Three

  1. Nuts are a brilliant flour substitute, they give baked goods an added dimension that grains just cannot compete with (in my humble opinion of course!)

  2. So ingenious the things you can substitute in.

    Shame about the cheese allergy 🙁 But interesting to see your diet possibly having such a noticeable effect.  Will be interesting to see how things develop.


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