GAPS Intro: Step Three: Day One

gaps stage one

I had a shocker yesterday (which is why I didn’t manage an update). I couldn’t properly get back to sleep after baby fed at 2am, then 4yo was up at 3:30 and wouldn’t go back sleep. Just the same as Sunday, but an hour earlier! I felt terrible packing her off to school, but can’t keep her off just because she’s had a bad nights sleep. I put her to bed straight after tea at 5:45pm and she thankfully slept until 5:30 this morning. Someone must have been looking out for me, because last night my baby boy slept all the way from 8:30-5am. I woke at 4:40 having had almost eight straight hours! I felt shiny and new today, and even if this is the most zzzz’s I get for weeks to come, I’ve savoured every second.

Have to say I’m paranoid now, and am starting to think that giving her egg yolk last week was a bad idea. This makes me sad because it means she can’t have pancakes, which she really enjoyed the two times she had them. Whether this new cycle of bad sleep/eczema/general unhappiness is food related or not, I don’t really want to take the risk.

Anyway on with other GAPS news. I’ve been making yoghurt this week (which is much easier than it sounds btw), and although I’ve not had any my 2yo has been loving it. She doesn’t show the same signs of dairy allergy that 4yo does, and it seems to be doing her good. Sorry if this is too much information, but she hasn’t done solid poo for months, and Dr. Campbell McBride says in her book that dairy is a great way to get rid of diarrhoea and firm up the poo. Well on Sunday she did a proper solid poo. Hubby and I were stunned, and perhaps happier than people should be to see faeces. It’s been looser today, but a definite improvement.

The stock I made with the carcasses from the farmers market has been the tastiest (and by far) most economical yet. It was fiddly getting all the chicken off the bones, but I was left with almost a kilo of delish meat and three litres of stock for just £2! If I can pull that off once a week I’ll be really happy.

I had some avocado today, moving me into step three territory. I love avo and it was perfectly ripe and tasted so good! I’m crossing fingers that I don’t react – haven’t yet. I also enjoyed a teaspoon of the yummy sauerkraut veggies, and upped my ghee to a tablespoon. So far so good!

6 thoughts on “GAPS Intro: Step Three: Day One

  1. Interesting about the egg yolk – could well be that.  What an awful night 🙁

    Well done with the yoghurt – both the making and the effect.


  2. Thanks lovely. In the book she says to limit fresh fruit and give dried or cooked fruit instead, and that yogurt works wonders. I thought it was worth a try and felt like we’d won the jackpot on Sunday!

    Finally have an appt with a gastrointestinal paediatrician at the end of next month, so hopefully we will get some answers for 4yo xx

  3. She had the RAST tests Mel, but because she doesn’t have anaphylaxis they came back negative and that was that as far as my GP was concerned :'( We have *finally* been referred to a gastrointestinal paediatrician at the end of next month, so can only hope we get some answers after they do their investigations…

  4. Well done to your little man for sleeping for 8 hours… I am impressed! You must feel refreshed. Good job with your 2yo and the yoghurts, too. Poor 4yo… have the doctors never done any allergy testing whatsoever?

  5. This all sounds fab hon! As I mentioned in my last comment I have had similar worries over the solidity of EJ’s poos before and its really quite difficult to pinpoint cause – i read that they should drink less squash and fruit juice but make sure to keep drinking plenty of fluids as well as roughage. Not sure where dairy fits in.. As for four year old, well you can only keep trying to adjust her diet.. I really feel for you, these wonky sleep patterns sound a bit hellish but you are coping admirably.

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