GAPS Intro: Step Four, Day Two

gaps stage one

Now that I’m on step four, in addition to everything I’ve already been eating, I’m allowed nuts cooked into pancakes, bread or basic cakes. I can have freshly pressed fruit/veg juices. I can have roasted meats in my soups. I can eat avocado at will. I can drizzle organic extra virgin olive oil over my food to add extra flavour. To be honest I could merrily hang out on step four for a while, I can’t complain at all.

Myself and the two little ones caught up with my friend and her three kids at their place yesterday, and we had lunch with them. This particular friend is my kindred spirit where GAPS is concerned, and will be starting the intro herself next month. Everything she made was me-friendly, and I even got to try out some gorgeous raw organic goats cheese – which didn’t cause a reaction.

Following my almond success over the weekend, I decided that I’d try different nuts on a three day rotation. Cashews were next and also fine – I really enjoyed having them cooked in grain free pancakes. This morning I fancied boiled eggs with ghee on the top for breakfast, so for my nuts I baked some bread following the recipe from the GAPS book. I made it with pecans and it came out really lovely and again no reaction. Whoop! I’ll try macadamias the day after next, then walnuts, then seeds.

salmon gravadlax

I made some more milk kefir using goats milk, which came out perfectly. I have always been fine with goats products, but I stopped having them in the house when my 4yo started reacting to them. I had a small drink of the kefir and it tasted fab. No reaction so far, and it didn’t leave a horrible taste in my mouth (like cows milk does). I may be onto a winner there, fingers crossed!

I finally got round to making a fermented vegetable medley yesterday too, which already smells great. Can’t wait to eat it over the weekend. I’ve really been enjoying my sauerkraut, and having it with my lunchtime salad of salmon or chicken and avocado (see above). Who would have thought GAPS Intro would be so yummy?!

2 thoughts on “GAPS Intro: Step Four, Day Two

  1. I think so Denise, goats milk just seems to be better tolerated all round. I’m still loving all my yummy food. Just had macadamia nuts yummmmmmmm

  2. I do like a goat’s cheese – is it something to do with the molecules in goat’s milk being smaller therefore it is easier to digest? Anyway, glad you have something so yummy on your menu, along with the cashews, avocadoes and … I’m going to lose count of the lovely things you can have.

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