GAPS Intro Diet: First Days

gaps stage one

I shall be keeping a detailed diary while doing the GAPS diet, and all GAPS related posts can be found on the left hand navigation panel on the blog.

The first stage is the GAPS Intro – a six step eating plan aiming to heal and seal my gut lining. As a precursor I eliminated all starch last week, and yesterday was my first day following the diet itself. The entire intro and early days of Full GAPS rely heavily on eating and drinking nutritious home made meat broth (or stock as us Brits call it) and the tender meat used to make them.

As I’m breastfeeding it’s imperative I don’t under eat, so although they aren’t technically on the menu until step two I’ve decided to continue having soft boiled eggs in the morning for breakfast. Lunches and dinners will be soups made with organic veg, meat and stock. I shall also be drinking litres of stock in between. Drinking plenty of stock will mean I don’t get hungry.

On Thursday last week I smugly thought I was super prepared, but both my girls were unwell on Friday. I kept 4yo off school, and subsequently my chicken-buying-stock-making plans went out the window 🙁  I had enough stock in the fridge to make a batch of soup, but no where nearly as much as I was hoping.

latent phase of labour

Waking up on Saturday knowing that it would be late afternoon before consuming any stock was not the start to GAPS I’d intended! I didn’t dwell too much though, I had enough to be getting on with. We headed out to a local farmers market, where I picked up a chicken, a duck and half a lamb shoulder. I hoped it would last me until mid next week, but after a day on GAPS I know that I’ll be needing supplies come Tuesday.

I got busy in the kitchen the second we were home with this fabulously simple recipe: put a whole raw chicken in a large stock pot, sprinkle over 1-2tbsp of good quality sea salt, cover with cold water, bring to the boil, then simmer for 3 hours on a low heat. I was gobsmacked to discover the end result tasted just like my Grandma’s chicken soup! Result! I drank the wonder stuff all afternoon yesterday, and had loads of the yummy chicken for my dinner with broccoli soup last night.

I read here that one of the biggest faux pas one can make on GAPS is not making/drinking enough stock, and I’m determined not fall into the same trap. Today we were out so I took a full 1l Thermos with us, and got through the lot by the time we returned home at 4pm. The first thing I did when we walked through the door was get more stock on the go using the lamb. The next thing I did was have a large helping of chicken from yesterday, then made myself a lovely carrot and beetroot soup for dinner.

So after two full days on the GAPS Intro Diet how do I feel? Not too bad at all. The toughest thing for me was cooking for hubby and the kids and not being able to eat any. I’m a foodie – I love cooking and eating good food. Going without when it’s in front of me is my idea of hell, but I know this is for the greater good!

Lets see what tomorrow brings. 

3 thoughts on “GAPS Intro Diet: First Days

  1. Thanks for commenting Carolynne. It sounds like a drastic measure to take, but if I can ditch my food sensitivities for life then it’s worth it. The chicken stock does taste amazing though, and all you need to do is put the whole chicken in a big saucepan and cover with water. No bones and gunk I promise 🙂 x

  2. Hi hun, not heard of this diet but i have to say it sounds horrid!! I’m so queasy and even though I eat meat I’m very fussy about how it’s cooked and what it looks like. I don’t like the thought of bones cooking so drinking the ‘juice’ with all the gunk sounds like hell!!! lol! Sorry. I’m sure it’s brilliantly nutritious though xx

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