GAPS Intro: Day Three

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I learnt a big lesson today – stock made with lamb shoulder does not agree with me! Perhaps because the meat is so fatty? I drank a small cup and it made me feel really sick, then sat heavily in my stomach which was not pleasant. All was not entirely lost as I made a lovely shepherds pie for hubby & the girls for dinner, but it meant I was a day behind.

I didn’t want to make the same mistake with the duck (and only remaining meat in the house!) so I removed most of the skin and fat before turning it into stock. I’ll rendered the fat down for future cooking so it doesn’t get wasted. I’m pleased to report that the duck stock came out beautifully, and didn’t make me feel weird at all. I made a fab carrot, beetroot and cauliflower soup for lunch, and had a nice big helping of succulent meat for dinner. With lots of stock drinking in between of course!

Asides from Farmers Markets I’ve started using the fabulous Turner & George (also known as The East London Steak Company) for my meat. Their animals are top quality, and grass fed which is as good as it gets. They also deliver to my door, which is essential for me as I don’t drive. I also signed up yesterday to Riverford for a weekly organic fruit and veg delivery. I’ve tried using local farms and companies before, but it wasn’t very economical so had to stop. I’m hoping Riverford works out better value! We’ve gone for ten pieces of veg, and three fruit and it’ll set us back just over £20 per week which seems fair.

So, after three whole days on GAPS I have to say I’m feeling great. The best way to describe my mood is: clear headed, and full of purpose. Considering I am breastfeeding an 11-week old and have two other kids to look after that is not bad going. Fingers crossed it lasts 🙂

4 thoughts on “GAPS Intro: Day Three

  1. Yes – the fat will make you feel sick if you drink it! But you don’t need to remove the fat from the meat before creating stock with it, you just need to allow the tallow to set on top of the stock after being refrigerated, then remove. Definitely the easiest way to create cooking fat without any need for rendering. I just happened to write about that in my latest post 🙂 –

  2. Sounds fab (aside from the lamb stock thing) – my mouth is watering at the thought of succulent duck meat! (which is quite sad considering my recent blog post!!). X

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