GAPS Intro: Day Six

gaps stage one

I think I got a little ahead of myself last night, because right after posting this it all went to pot! The melt in the mouth pork belly was just so darn good! I had to try some of it, which is allowed and encouraged on GAPS Intro, but got a little carried away and ate too much. It left me feeling really really sick – I wasn’t even able to finish the soup I’d made for dinner, and went to bed shortly afterwards clutching my stomach just after 8:30pm. Another valuable lesson has been learnt – be less of a piggy in the future (pun intended!)

I think going to bed that early is counter productive for me, because after feeding the baby around 2am, I found it really hard to get back to sleep. It was gone 3:30 by the time I finally did. Then the baby wanted feeding again just before five, and the girls were up at half past. I still felt a bit wobbly first thing, but after rushing around for the best part of four hours getting everyone sorted, I was on track again. I had a fairly chilled day at home which made a nice change. I caught up on my blogging while both kids had massive naps.

I briefly touched on the importance of probiotics last week. As well as buying them in a supplement form, you can make probiotic rich foods at home with simple ingredients. I’ve been drinking the juice from the sauerkraut I made a fortnight ago this week, and will introduce the actual veg next weekend. I was surprised at how simple it was to make, and will ensure I have a constant supply on the go. Fermented cabbage seems to be the original probiotic, and has been used as a natural remedy for a very long time. Be warned: it’s an acquired taste, but you soon get used to it.

Decided this afternoon that I feel ready to progress to stage two tomorrow. I’ll be making a stew with my bone-in beef shin, and also try some home made ghee. Excited!!

2 thoughts on “GAPS Intro: Day Six

  1. I’ve been following your posts with a rumbling tummy! It all sounds so delicious. Although I know I would fail because I don’t always have time to do all that cooking – but it wouldn’t be for lack of tastiness.

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