GAPS Intro: Day Seven

gaps stage one

Today I moved onto phase two (of six) of the GAPS Intro Diet. In addition to the home made veg soups, meat stocks and boiled meat I’ve been eating and drinking so far, it’s time to add a little extra. I made a fabulous bone-in beef shin stew, which went into the oven on 150C at 8am and slow cooked all day. It was utterly divine, with the meat falling off the bone and full-of-goodness marrow oozing out. It was so simple to make too, it’ll become a staple for us.

I also had a teaspoon of home made ghee on my boiled eggs this morning. Ghee is clarified butter, which simply entails bringing a pack of unsalted organic butter to a slow boil, then straining it through a fine mesh sieve. The bits left behind to be discarded are the milk proteins, meaning you’re left with pure, healthy and delicious animal fat. The milk proteins are what most intolerant people are allergic to, so are apparently able to handle ghee. Now, I have had issues with dairy forever, so it was *very* exciting to try this out and even more exciting that I haven’t reacted to it. I’ll cross my fingers, touch some wood and hope I’ve not jinxed myself 🙂

I picked up some wild salmon today and will try making (& eating) home made gravadlax tomorrow. I’ve also got some milk kefir on the go, and shall attempt to make cheese this week.

If I continue to feel good, and don’t have any reactions over the weekend I’ll move onto stage three on Monday. Watch this space!

2 thoughts on “GAPS Intro: Day Seven

  1. I’m sure you did much better than you think you did! Thank you for your lovely comments Maddy, I know you’re stretched for time so consider myself honoured that you are reading my posts xx

  2. I’m kind of in awe of you here! when my baby was as small as yours I couldn’t think of doing so much cooking and preparation – my poor first and second borns ate an awful lot of pasta and fish fingers! Glad it’s working for you though xx

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