Gaps Intro: Day Four

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After posting yesterday that lamb stock didn’t agree with me, the lovely Nat over at Discovering Real Life alerted me to the fact that I should have let the stock go cold and scrape the fat off the top. This is called tallow, and is great for cooking purposes, not so much for drinking! Thank you Nat, I won’t be making the same mistake again.

I’ve felt fairly good today, although going to the toilet this morning wasn’t very pleasant! I’m hoping it’s just my body detoxing and getting rid of anything nasty kicking around. I spent a fair chunk of yesterday organising myself for the week. I feel I’ve already learnt the hard way that getting caught short on GAPS is not fun. I had a grocery shop delivered today, with enough veg to last until the farmers market at the weekend. Meat is being delivered tomorrow, and I am going to make sure I’m at least one day ahead with my stock just in case of an unexpected eventuality.

I made a yummy soup last night by simply adding a few chunks of leek, handful of broccoli and handful of cauliflower to about 400ml of the duck stock. Brought it to the boil, then let it simmer on a low heat for half an hour. I blended it up before eating, and have to say was surprised at how flavoursome it was. I definitely haven’t felt deprived or that I’m missing out so far.

Dr. Campbell McBride advises in the GAPS book that egg yolks are the easiest food to digest on this planet. Unless you suffer from an anaphylactic allergy they shouldn’t cause you too much of a problem – but you have to carefully separate them from the whites. I decided to take a risk and give a little egg yolk to my 4yo last night. With dairy or corn, she has an almost instant reaction, be it a bloated stomach, angry eczema flare up or her behaviour taking a nose dive, but she didn’t react at all to the egg yolk last night, and so far so good today. We have to monitor her this week as she could have a delayed reaction, but fingers crossed she won’t. I’m really excited at the prospect of her having a bit of egg yolk here and there – and she is too!

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  1. So glad to have been of help! Also glad to hear your 4yo seems ok with egg yolks – I couldn’t live without eggs these days – I think they’re amazing 🙂

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