Eco Toiletries: Thrifty and Chemical Free

eco toiletries

Eco toiletries and cleaning products are not only great news for the environment but often kinder to your pocket! Far cheaper than big brands, which are usually full of chemicals and toxins.

– did you know that that distilled white vinegar is a more effective dishwasher rinse aid than actual rinse aid? And a fabulous fabric softener? This stuff is a household miracle, and is always the base ingredient for homemade cleaning products. You can pick up small bottles of 500ml at the supermarket for about a pound, or do what I do and buy in bulk. I get 10 litres at a time, delivered to my door, for £11.

– bicarbonate of soda is another jack of all trades. From removing black marks from the bath, to getting out carpet stains to putting under your arms in place of deodorant! You can even make your own toothpaste by mixing it with coconut oil and a few drops of peppermint. It’s cheap as chips too, especially when you buy in bulk.

– my eldest has super sensitive skin, so I’ve always used a mild non-bio washing liquid. They aren’t cheap nor hugely effective. In recent times I’ve become rather fond of washing balls – which are tiny pellets of eco friendly detergent contained in a large rubber ball with holes in it. They get slowly released each time you use it, and start disintegrating. I would advise buying the balls with a small amount of pellets, as they start getting a little tired towards the end. It actually reminds me that the filter needs cleaning, so not a bad thing really. I stocked up when Ecozone were on offer on Ocado and bought 6 x 240 wash balls costing me £33. That’s less than 2p a wash!

– on the subject of sensitive skin, I stopped using shower gel years ago when I started investigating the toxic ingredients most contain. The natural ones are extortionately priced, so I buy pure chemical and additive free soap to wash my body with. Faith In Nature‘s Aloe Vera is a favourite, is under £2 per bar and lasts a couple of months.

– I’ve been making my own mouthwash for a while now, with water and three simple ingredients. Click here for the full recipe. A 500ml bottle costs around 10p.

– I have problem skin and react to a lot of facial moisturisers. I used Dermalogica for years, until a friend went to Morocco and brought me back a bottle of argan oil. She thought I’d use it for cooking, but I’d heard it could do wonders for the face. It didn’t disappoint, and now I alternate between argan and jojoba oil. I love Fushi Wellbeing as all their oils are pure, cold pressed and organic. They still end up only costing around a quarter of what I used to spend. Can’t argue with those numbers! 

*Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

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21 thoughts on “Eco Toiletries: Thrifty and Chemical Free

  1. I’ve some how managed to delete the mouthwash post! I’ll rewrite it asap but in the meantime here’s the recipe:

    500ml boiling water
    1.5 tsp sea salt
    5 drops tea tree oil
    5 drops mint oil

    – put the salt at the bottom of a jug, pout over the water and stir until the salt has dissolved

    – add the essential oils

    – allow to cool and pour into a bottle

  2. There are loads of recipes out there. I did coconut oil, bicarb and mint oil for a while. Unfortunately I had to go back to Sensodyne as have really sensitive teeth 🙁

  3. I love the idea of making my own mouthwash. Definitely going to give that a go. Thanks for sharing on #ThriftyThursday

  4. Not sure about oil on my face… It’s not oil, it’s me 😉 (something about the texture / feeling on my face). I used to use it as a mask on my hair and it was amazing!

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