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Drinking Prosecco on a Tuesday Afternoon with Gino D’Acampo

Earlier today, myself and a group of bloggers went to the home of celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo, to hear all about his new range of ready made pizza bases. And you know what? I don’t think I’ve ever had a more fabulous Tuesday afternoon!

Seconds after arriving I was greeted with a lovely glass of prosecco, which lets face it will make most folk’s troubles disappear. We were given the low down on the pizza bases by the man himself, and were made some very tasty pizzas to sample. Gino is every bit as charismatic in person as he is on the small screen, but so welcoming too and his energy is infectious!

The inspiration behind the products was wanting to create a fresh, as natural as possible, ready to use base which anyone could use to turn into delicious home cooked pizza. They can be bought in a kit with fresh tomato sauce, or without just as is, and will be available in two sizes. They come rolled up like a packet of tin foil, and wrapped in parchment paper to ensure freshness, and to keep the mess contained. All you have to do is roll the base out on a baking tray with the paper underneath, top as you wish, and cook for 15 minutes. Fresh pizza really doesn’t get any simpler than this – and it makes for a fun activity to do with the kids.

Gino D'Acampo

Gino D’Acampo kindly passed on some of his top tips

  • don’t put tomato sauce on every surface of the base, leave about a fingers worth around the edge and brush with olive oil to stop it from burning
  • don’t put delicate ingredients such as herbs or parma ham on the base straight away, scatter them on at the last minute otherwise they get destroyed in the cooking process
  • less is more, the perfect Italian pizza only has a handful of ingredients on it

Regular readers will know that my family eat a grain free diet most of the time, but every now and then my hubby hankers after pizza (and not one that’s been made with a cauliflower crust). This will be perfect for those occasions, and who knows, I might even have a small slice myself!  

Thanks so much for your hospitality Gino, all the best with the launch of your pizza bases

Gino’s Bake With Me range will be exclusively stocked at Asda nationwide, from Monday 5th October, priced between £1.49 – £1.99. Stay tuned to Gino’s Facebook page or his website for more details.

Disclosure: I was invited to hear all about the Bake With Me range by Tots100. They did not ask me to write this post, but I wanted to!

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  2. Thanks so much honey, it was fab! Really thrilled to feature today xx

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  4. What an amazing day! I would love to go to more things things like this too but being in the back of beyond makes it a bit tricky 😉 So glad you were able to sort it out and had such a wonderful time. You deserve it! Hxx

    Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

  5. I know, it was awesome wasn’t it! Fab to meet you too hon, hopefully see you again soon xx

  6. Was sure I had already commented on this but can’t see it now 🙁 anyhow lovely to meet you and have a chat – still can’t believe how lucky we were to get pizza AND prosecco 😉 x

  7. It really was amazing, feel very lucky to have been part of it xxx

  8. There were some great photos on Facebook on Tuesday – it looks like you all had a great time. What a fab opportunity 🙂 Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo lovely x

  9. I’m looking forward to putting that one into practice next time I make pizza 🙂

  10. Thanks my love, it really did xxx

  11. Thanks so much my darling, t’was an awesome afternoon! Hubby is very much looking forward to his pizza xx

  12. Totally! I can’t stand those American type pizzas, but find a good thin and crispy quite hard to resist 😉

  13. Tee hee! Not so much a full on crust, just brushing the outside of the base with olive oil and not putting the toppings to the very corners…

  14. Enjoy lovely 🙂

  15. It makes absolute perfect sense doesn’t it, but I know I’ve put delicate ingredients on far too early in the past. The me time was awesome, need some more of that 😉

  16. It really was, cheered me up no end after everything the week before. The pizza bases really are great, keep your eyes peeled for them from Monday xx

  17. He was a great host, a man after my heart 😉

  18. It was a great way to spend a Tuesday 🙂 thanks so much for dropping by!

  19. He really is! Eye candy + learning about food = best day ever 😉

  20. tee hee, he is soooooo hot in real life Kim *drooslville* Hope you’re well xx

  21. It really was 🙂 xx

  22. It sounds like you had a great day, what a fantastic experience. x

  23. I’m so jealous! hehehe It sounds like a great day!
    Fab tips x

  24. Gino is hot! What a great day and some fab pizza tips. #pocolo

  25. Sounds like a fun afternoon. A good looking Italian guy, pizza and prosecco. What more could a girl want? 😉


  26. He looks so accommodating! Will look at this range on MOnday! #pocolo

  27. Sounds like a lovely afternoon. So sorry you had to miss River Cottage but this sounds like a gorgeous remedy. The pizza bases are a fab idea too xx

  28. Good tip: don’t put parma ham or herbs on until later or else it doesn’t taste as good! Glad that you got to take a break and have fun, sometimes you have to have some ‘me’ time!

  29. What a great way to spend an afternoon. I love pizza, so I’ll be checking these out, with a glass of prossecco of course 😉 Thanks for sharing #TheList

  30. Wow, sounds fab! Why did he say to leave a crust? I like having full loaded pizzas. Crusts are boring.


  31. Sounds like a fab day. I do love a proper Italian pizza, which is so different from the floppy, doughy mess we often seem to get in this country. A crispy, thin base is a must and, as Gino says, definitely a focus on fewer, quality toppings rather than a mish-mash of lots of them. I’ll keep an eye out for the range – our kids love pizza. (Whose doesn’t?!?) 🙂

  32. Oh sexy Gino, what a fab day and to get to have a peek in his home too! Bet your hubby is excited for his pizza! Love that shot of you both, looking gorgeous girl x

  33. Sounds amazing – you actually went to Gino’s house!!!! So well deserved and sounds like it came at the right time. xx

  34. Thank you for sharing Gino’s tips. Will make sure I add olive oil to the edge next time I make pizza 🙂

  35. It really was a fab experience. Probably best to point out that this kind of thing doesn’t happen to me very often 😉

  36. Oh wow!! You are so lucky!!! Being invited to be at Gino’s house and hear all about his new range of ready made pizza bases!! That sounds heaven to me!! I wish I have invitations like this!! LOL 😉 x

  37. There ya go, you learn something every day on Mummy Tries 😉

  38. Ahhhh sorry hon! Let’s organise another playdate asap, Polly has been asking after JJ xxx

  39. Thanks so much Maria, it was great! Be sure to look out for Gino’s range x

  40. Oh honey it so will, of that I’m sure! You’re a good few months behind me and still breastfeeding don’t forget. You are still doing absolutely incredible things though, I’m rather jell of your Mama Academy fitness challenge!!

  41. It was awesome Tas, and his range is fab. Keep your eyes peeled for it 🙂

  42. Ahhhh it was honey, it really was. It will definitely be worth having a base in your freezer for a pizza emergency xxx

  43. Just wish I got to do more stuff like this 🙂 xx

  44. Vicki it was ah-mazing! Massively softened the River Cottage blow!!!

  45. He really is a handsome chap, I might now have a teeny bit of a crush now 😉 I was really impressed with how reasonably priced they are!

  46. They’re brilliant Louise, so handy to chuck into the freezer and have as a back up when time is too sparse to make your own base. Glad you like the tips hon 🙂

  47. So pleased you found them useful MacKenzie!

  48. Ahhh it was awesome, had such a lovely time and enjoyed it so much. Came thudding back to earth with a crash though, because my train broke down and it took me three hours to get home instead of one… which of course knocked massively into picking up the kids. It was well worth it though xx

  49. You already know I love this post 😉 definitely a COOL MUMS hanging out with Gino! X MMT #coolmumclub

  50. I loved the tips, we love making homemade pizza #coolmumclub

  51. What a fabulous way to spend a Tuesday afternoon and so glad you got to go out and have some time for yourself and enjoyed it. Love the sound of those fresh pizza bases – I occasionally make my own but sometimes it’s a bit too much effort – something like this would be ideal! Great tips too 🙂 #coolmumclub

  52. what a lovely afternoon, Gino sounds truly charming and he’s such a handsome fella too 🙂 I’m loving the idea of these pizza bases, we often make our own pizza and making the base is time consuming whereas the ready made ones just don’t taste so good. I love the prices too, I was hoping they wouldn’t be too expensive because they were endorsed by a celebrity and they are not 🙂

  53. Sounds like a perfect afternoon. So glad you got to go!!

  54. i love the random lives of bloggers! X MMT

  55. Sounds like the perfect afternoon sweetie! My little monkeys would love to experiment with the pizza bases. xxx

  56. Ah what a brilliant sounding afternoon. I love watching him cook his recipes. I’ll have to look out for his range. I’m always looking for a nice pizza!

  57. so jell! I’m still trying to find my happy place after not making River Cottage last week. We get so many amazing opportunities as a blogger but as a mum and business owner they must come first. Hopefully my day will come soon but I’m glad you got a chance for something as amazing as this after the rotten time you’ve been having lately.

  58. Glad you got to go – sounds like you needed some time to do something you enjoy for a change! x

  59. Yay! Now I feel like the one who is constantly missing out on all the cool stuff – I was child (and husband) free today too! Shame I’m not even in the Tots top 500, and don’t blog much about food (makes mental note to rapidly improve blog in order to be invited into the homes of celebrity chefs in future 🙂 ) Seriously though, sounds like a lovely afternoon and so glad you got to go hon Xx

  60. Ha ha I always put my sauce up to the edge so the crust doesn’t burn… but now I know better! Thanks for the tip and you so deserved this day out.

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