Does Your Kid Have TCS (Third Child Syndrome)?

F March 28th 2015“He can wear the new top he was given the other day for his birthday, doesn’t matter that it hasn’t been washed.”

As these words came out of my mouth on Saturday morning, as we were getting ready to go to a party, I realised that my 13mo is totally and utterly on the receiving end of TCS (third child syndrome). The poor lad, I have a feeling it might be the bane of his life. His sisters would have never worn brand new clothes before they had been lovingly washed. In my defence, and I’m sure you’ll agree, he did totally rock his smart little outfit.

Here are some other signs that he suffers from TCS

F on Halloween

He spent his first six months being carried everywhere in the sling and having boobs on tap, and the next six sleeping mostly in the marital bed. Even now he is fed back to sleep when he wakes up (numerous times every single night). All that matters is that it keeps him from screaming the house down and waking everyone else up. Not only does it disturb the girls, but our neighbour has stopped talking to us. 

F makes such a pretty girlHe wore all-in-ones until he was a year old, and now almost exclusively wears second and third hand clothes. Some of which some were his sisters – does it really matter that he’s wearing a pink babygro? No one else will see it anyway right? And never mind getting his feet measured at Clark’s, he can have our friends boys shoes that were barely worn, they look like the perfect size. 

Trouble written all over itHe is exceptionally accident prone, but when he falls over (yet again) I hardly even consider that he might have damaged himself. I just whip out the boobie and give him a little feed to cheer him up. We can worry about the huge bump later. His favourite thing to do at the moment is climbing up onto the toy kitchen, which as you can imagine has huge potential to end in tears!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe are so much more relaxed about the mess he makes when he eats. Seriously this kid would put most parents of a newborn off the idea of ever doing baby led weaning. He loves it though, and it makes him happy, so that’s a win in my books. Who cares if the kitchen walls and floor are constantly grubby, and the high chair is a health hazard?

wpid-img_20150401_0926482.jpg.jpegMummy is really busy now, with her blog and a book to sell, so when the girls aren’t around he’s usually either napping or encouraged to ‘play’. This of course means that he gets himself into as much mischief as he possibly can. They would have had activities and playdates to entertain them, the poor boy just has a roll of toilet paper.

I’m sure there are other signs of TCS, but my poor sleep deprived baby brain can’t remember them!

Does Your Kid Have TCS (Third Child Syndrome)? Share your stories in the comments section ๐Ÿ™‚


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31 thoughts on “Does Your Kid Have TCS (Third Child Syndrome)?

  1. I always hear this but never knew if it was true or not. I want a third so badly lately it’s at the back of my mind. lol Love love your honesty hunny. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Happy Easter! #sharewithme

  2. Yes! My daughter has TCS. Poor thing has always had a joint birthday party with her brother and when she falls, I don’t swoop in like I did for my oldest. I didn’t launder her clothes in Dreft baby detergent like I did with my boys. OH I could go on and on about why she has TCS!

  3. This sounds so much like our situation, except that we only have two kiddies. I think these issues only get highlighted with further children. When I was expecting our first one I wanted everything to be perfect, wrote down all the milestones he had achieved, saved the first lock of his hair I had to cut out (he got a mullet at the ripe old age of 6 months – totally unacceptable) etc. When pregnant with my second one I almost didn’t even take the scan photos (you had to pay like ยฃ1 and walk to the reception to get a stamp). That’s when it hit me. Second and all consecutive children get so much less attention because we’ve already been there, done that. I decided to make an effort that day. Not sure how well I’ve managed…

  4. Haha, I could have written the exact same thing about Wriggly, except it would have to be entitled, FTS (Fourth Child Syndrome)! Most of her clothes are fourth-hand clothes and new clothes do not get washed before she wears them! She is definitely the one leading the weaning and earlier tonight, Hubby was telling me we’d have to try and find a way to get her out of our bed… of well!

  5. Ha ha, great post Renee! My third is just like this – his sock had such a massive hole in this morning I had to admit that I’d have to buy a new set. Turns out having two very active previous owners is pretty tough on the old socks and trousers (all have holes in the knees)! Have a lovely Easter! xxx

  6. My little Z very much has TCD! She just turned 3 and she thinks she is still “a baby” “the baby” any way that she can possibly do and get away with whatever she pleases. And her emotional spectrum is OFF THE CHARTS! I can just give her the “mommy look” and off to her room in a hyperventilating cry she goes. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

  7. You’re so right Maddy, it really can’t do them any harm can – unless of course they hurt themselves and then it totally does ๐Ÿ˜‰ I often think my eldest was spoilt when it comes to being entertained, and her expectations now are so high. Whereas 3yo just goes with the flow, and as for the baby well he won’t expect anything… apart from a toilet roll to munch on xx

  8. From what I can gather it doesn’t do them any harm ๐Ÿ™‚ We do have a lot of similarities don’t we – I think I’ll be referring back to your blog posts a lot in the years to come Suzanne xx

  9. It’s the same with us, poor 3yo is always the last in line. Hubby and I try to compensate by giving her one on one time when we can. So tough to achieve sometimes though xx

  10. Hhahaaa you KNOW this is true in my family!!! I think Spiderbaby has the best time of all, as she gets free rein pretty much all the time we’re at home (hence constant mischief and probably danger oops), and is definitely the most confident, crazy of my 3 as a result. I worry more about my middle one at the moment, she’s playing up quite a lot as she does get a bit missed out sometimes. Working on that one! x

  11. Ah, yes! I can relate to this one ๐Ÿ™‚ Although, my little girls reaction to it all seems to have been to become the most extrovert of the three, perhaps to combat being left to get on with things?!

  12. I think you will know how I’m going to answer this one Renee….we do have parallel lives after all, albeit 10 years apart! My third one, also the boy, gets a very raw deal but I know that there are also massive pros to being the third one – no one notices the mischief that you’re getting yourself into! x

  13. Ha, loved this! What a cutie he is! I’m looking forward to being a bit more laid back with number 2, although boobie solves everything in this house too!!
    Becky xx

  14. My third son is just the same – no special treatment for him, he just has to muck in! (In fact I keep meaning to write a post about all the differences in the way I’ve parented my three). I tell myself it’s good for him though – he is by far the most laid back child I’ve had and I’m sure it’s at least partially because he’s had such laid back parents! Also he might not get all the focussed attention that my first son had but he has two big brothers who dote on him so he gets a pretty good deal. You can see why there are all those theories about the effects of birth order on personality though can’t you? Your little one looks so healthy and happy and making his own entertainment with loo roll is probably developing his brain in all sorts of ways (I’m serious!) xx

  15. You’ve just described my life at the moment to a tee! My third is always dressed in hand me downs, we went out for a family dinner & he was mucky before we arrived. Check. Breastfed throughout the night in my bed. Check. Whips out boob to administer first aid, distract do I can blog. Check.
    So relieved this is normal tcs behaviour!

  16. When I was a young mum I didn’t even realise that babies could wear clothes and not all in ones until my baby was about 6 months old. … Clothes were for special occasions! Loved your honest post!

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