Ditching the Echo Chamber: Great People to Follow for the Politically Homeless

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During this slow moving car crash, known as 2020, many things have become apparent. Especially the dangers of living in an echo chamber. As cosy as they can feel while we’re ensconced in their warm embrace, not being willing to have our world view challenged doesn’t do us any favours. We need to be wrong and apologise or change our stance on issues every now and then. Humility, integrity and polite discourse feel like they’ve been casualties of the pandemic. Isn’t it high time they made a comeback?

With social media algorithms only showing us things they know we’ll like, finding people who are open minded enough to accept there are always two sides to a story (and a load of grey in the middle) can be an overwhelming task. Every single person I’ve included in this article has helped broaden my horizons and break free from my echo chamber. You’ll note that there are quite a few US based folks. Truth be told I’m a little obsessed with what’s happening over there and don’t feel it’s wise to ignore the chaos, because it’ll more than likely come here soon.

As well as a little intro, I’ve included a good video or social post, so you have somewhere to start. I really hope you find some new and interesting follows from this list.

Ayishat Akanbi (UK)

Honestly, I couldn’t articulate my adoration for this woman if I tried, she is just marvellous. Ayishat is a fashion stylist, writer, cultural commentator and artist based in London. She talks pure sense and always has a great comeback for her haters, but never in a derogatory way. Ayishat is kind, conscientious, honest and unafraid to speak her mind. We need more people like her in this strange world.

Buck Angel (USA)

An early transitioner in his late 50’s, Buck refers to himself as Tranpa and is on a mission to bring intelligent ideas and common sense to the trans debate. Buck’s message of empowerment through self-acceptance, and the mission to encourage everyone to be comfortable in their own skin, strikes heartfelt chords worldwide.

Darkhorse Podcast with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (USA)

Husband and wife, Bret and Heather, are evolutionary biologists who shot to fame in 2017 amid the Evergreen College scandal. Not only are they deeply concerned at the way the Radical Left have taken over many American institutions, they are Portland residents. Witnessing the horror-show on their doorstep, night after night, they aim to fill in the gaps the media just aren’t telling us. Bret’s brother Eric is another fascinating person with a brilliant mind. Eric’s theory on Jeffery Epstein will make your blood run cold.

Jimmy Dore (USA)

A great find via Rogan’s podcast, Jimmy is a stand up comedian and old school leftie. He has been relentlessly exposing the predator class this year; opening eyes, worldwide. Refusing to regurgitate the tired narrative that Joe Biden is the lesser of the two evils. Yes, orange man is bad, but clearly the Democrats are just as horrendous.

Andrew Doyle (UK)

Andrew created his alter-ego Titania McGrath to highlight how absurd the social justice movement was becoming. As unbelievable as it might seem, many things that were viewed as ridiculous just one year ago are actually happening right now. Here is her bio: “24yo Titania Gethsemane McGrath is a radical inter-sectionalist poet committed to feminism, social justice and armed peaceful protest. She identifies as non-binary, poly-racial and eco-sexual.” Pure satire with a desperately important message. As for Andrew, it speaks volumes that he gets accused of being a homophobic white supremacist, even though he’s openly gay and supported Jeremy Corbyn in the 2017 election.

Tristan Harris (USA)

Tristan was part of the early Google team, where he worked as a design ethicist. Now he is the president of the Centre for Humane Technology, who try and steer the thoughts and actions of billions of people from their screens. Tristan heavily features in the new documentary The Social Dilemma, which exposes the truth about big tech and how much it’s manipulating our daily lives. Atlantic magazine called him “the closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience.”

Holistic Psychologist (USA)

Dr. Nicole LePera aka The Holistic Psychologist is my go to lady for advice on healing. Nicole’s Instagram feed and YouTube videos cover every mental health topic under the sun. From family estrangement to the effects of trauma; inner child work and how to understand the ego. She’s an absolute must follow for people intent on understanding the process and healing themselves.

James Lindsay (USA)

Dr. James Lindsay is an author, mathematician and political commentator. He’s written six books spanning a range of subjects including religion, the philosophy of science and postmodern theory. He is the co-founder of the New Discourses website and has recently published his seventh book (co-written with UK based Helen Pluckrose). Cynical Theories: How Universities Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity – And Why this Harms Everybody has, quite possibly, the most self-explanatory title I’ve ever come across.

Douglas Murray (UK)

Douglas is a British author and journalist and one of our most on point voices when it comes to the dreaded culture war. I’ve just finished reading his best selling recent book The Madness of Crowds: Gender, Race and Identity. Such a great explanation of the mess we’re in as well as a no nonsense guide to getting us out of it. Douglas has proved to me how important it is to not dismiss people just because I disagree with them about BrexSHIT.

Andy Ngo (USA)

Andy is an independent journalist, who lives in Portland and has been covering the riots. Make no mistake about it, what is happening on those streets could just as easily be happening on the streets of Croydon or Coventry. Let’s not kid ourselves that they are peaceful protests, the footage speaks volumes.

Dr. Em Pankhurst (UK)

British feminist Dr. Em is a must follow on Twitter. You will learn so much from her jaw droppingly, eye popping threads. Banned from Medium for having controversial opinions, her thoroughly researched, informative articles can be found on Uncommon Ground.

Bridget Phetasy (USA)

Bridget is another discovery I made via Joe Rogan’s podcast and I gravitated towards her because she’s had a super interesting life. She’s also humble and articulate and funny AF. She wrote the piece Battle Cry of the Politically Homeless over a year ago but never has it been more relevant than right now, in the midst of the US Election. Best quote ever: “I’m going to stop arguing with people on Twitter because they might be twelve.” Says an awful lot about the state of the platform. Speaking of which…

Tim Pool (USA)

Tim is an independent journalist who was heavily involved in the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests. Another ex-Leftie who is now thinking of voting for Trump, Tim gives a great insight into why a sane person would ever do this. He’s been praised for going on Rogan with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey where he did not hesitate to ask tough questions. Some of which left Jack, and his legal counsel, Vijaya, without a smart answer.

Rebel Wisdom (UK)

Founded by BBC and Channel 4 filmmaker David Fuller, and co-founded by writer Alexander Beiner, this is a media platform with all the right differences. Rebel Wisdom is one of my go-to places for mind expanding conversations on truth seeking and sense making. Guests are always highly intelligent, both emotionally and academically, and the discourse is interesting and thoughtful.

Rising on the Hill with Krystal & Saagar (USA)

Rising is a very classic looking political news show with a twist we all need in our lives. Krystal sits on the Left, Saager sits on the Right and they don’t agree on everything. They prove, on a daily basis, that it’s not just possible to have polite conversation with people you openly oppose, it’s absolutely vital to do so.

Joe Rogan (USA)

Joe doesn’t really need an introduction, given that his podcast is probably the largest on the planet. I find it utterly mind boggling how much he gets trashed in the media – accused of being alt-right, etc – because he’s one of the most authentic public figures we have. After recently signing an exclusivity deal with Spotify, some disgruntled employees are already trying to censor him. But the quality of his truly diverse range of guests speak for themselves. Although his podcasts are long – averaging around three hours – they are well worth making the time for. Perhaps more than anyone else in the public arena right now, Joe Rogan is proof that we should never judge people based on secondhand information.

Thomas Sowell (USA)

Thomas is a never ending voice of reason, not to mention highly qualified academic. Born in 1930, he grew up in Harlem and dropped out of High School to join the Marine Corps, where he served during the Korean War. Outstanding awards include the National Humanities Medal for innovative scholarship. Thomas has authored more than thirty books – the latest being Charter Schools and Their Enemies. Larry Elder’s video above is a great introduction to this wonderful man.

Matt Taibbi (USA)

Investigative journalist, award winning author and co-host of the Rolling Stones podcast Useful Idiots, Matt is my go-to guy when I want facts. Not confirmation bias, half truths and partisan lies, just great writing and commentary. No matter how much the Left go after him, Matt’s incredible work cannot be faulted. His recent book Hate Inc: Why Today’s Media Makes Us Despise One Another looks like a fascinating read.

TRIGGERnometry (UK)

UK based hosts Francis Foster and Konstantin Kisin have all-the-controversial guests on their show. Brave, bold and unafraid to stand up for free speech in the face of pressure to bow to the mob. For this they should be applauded, but alas, they had to set up a PO Box, for people to send them things in the mail, because they are so afraid of being seen to follow them publicly.

Zuby (UK)

British rapper, author and podcaster Zuby shot to fame when he momentarily identified as a woman in order to break the world record for deadlifting. He has an interesting take on BLM and white privilege and does not hold back with his opinions. I’m really loving Zuby’s posts – they’re a refreshing mixture of not virtue signalling, wise words and positive vibes. We definitely need more of this on social media.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my little list. Tweet me @mummytries and let me know who you adore and think I should follow.

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