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Have you heard of Dermatique?

As I’ve mentioned before, my eldest daughter has suffered from eczema since she was a baby. Back then it was a reaction to food coming through my breast milk, and later she reacted to food that she ate herself.  She went on a strict elimination diet when she was two which has helped, but her skin has never been completely clear. Nowadays her eczema seems to be mostly caused by stress related to her day to day frustrations.

According to my GP, the dermatologists recommend using hydro-cortisone (steroid) cream for a short amount of time to control the the flare ups. Although I reluctantly did this when she was a baby, I have tried to avoid them ever since. A few months back out of desperation because her skin was the worst it has ever been, I caved in and used them on her.

We followed the doctors orders to the letter and applied the cream twice a day for one week, then once a day for one week, and gradually phased it out over the next two weeks. In addition to the steroids we were moisturising her skin with Aveeno, the most natural moisturiser the NHS will offer on prescription.

DermatiqueYou know what happened? She had beautiful skin within days of using the steroids, and within days of stopping them it flared up and was angrier than it was before. My poor girl was in such a state about it, and scratching it to the point of it bleeding. Then as if by magic the lovely folk over at Dermatique asked if we  wanted to review their completely natural skin recuperating cream, and we of course jumped at the chance. I was amazed at how fast it cleared her skin, and when we went on holiday during half term it looked great.

Job done I thought, but then while we were away she had another awful flare up, and screamed in pain at the cream going on her skin because it stung her so much. I got in touch with Dermatique and they advised that it was more than likely a reaction caused by chlorine exposure, and because the skin was irritated anything would sting it. That made lots of sense, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. They were completely correct though, and thankfully within a week it had cleared up.

My honest opinion? Dermatique is a miracle for eczema! It costs £29.50 for a 100ml pot, but is currently on sale for £24.50, and is worth every single penny!

“Made to soothe irritation and give parched tissue a much-needed drink of moisture, the Dermatique Recuperating Cream promotes healing in the gentlest of ways. Completely free of steroids and devoid of artificial fragrances that can inflame sensitive skin, this formula helps to calm the symptoms of eczema, psoriasis and other chronic conditions.

The formula deeply moisturises while helping to repair the skin’s protective moisture barrier in order to prevent dryness from returning in the future. With its hydrating ingredients, this formula provides immediate relief from itching and becomes rapidly absorbed, so skin feels soothed and softened, but never greasy. Apply it to the face, hands or anywhere on the body.”

Do check out the Dermatique website for more details.

*Disclosure: we were sent a pot of Dermatique skin recuperating cream for the purposes of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Full my full disclosure policy, please click here

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14 thoughts on “Dermatique: The Eczema Wonder Cream #ad

  1. I will have to look out for this as B has eczema and it flairs up when the seasons change and when he isn’t well. We use hydromol usually but would love something to work better. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  2. Aww eczema is something that I got when I went here in the UK. No matter what the weather is I have it and more when its cold.

    I wish I can afford this cream as it sounds amazing. I will start saving now!


  3. Amazing to read this, my eczema cleared up with diet and you know, since the vegan detox it’s nearly all gone. This cream looks amazing and as Oliver suffers, I’m going to look into it. Thanks. Thanks too for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

  4. I shall definitely be getting some.tonuse in myself.and recommending that my daughter uses it on my grandchildren who have eczema. Thanks for reviewing and bringing to our attention.x

  5. I may well have to give this a go as both boys have eczema and we’re having to use strong steroids to get it under control. I don’t mind using them occasionally but at the moment as soon as I think Josh’s has cleared it comes straight back again.

  6. Coconut oil didn’t work for Polly unfortunately. I now use a combination of jojoba and rosehip oil on my skin and it’s radiant (or so I’m told) xxx

  7. Hi there..Have you tried organic coconut oil? I am using it now for my skin and it really has helped my achne break outs xxx Ilke

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