How to Deactivate Facebook and Why I Can’t Recommend Doing it Highly Enough

Deactivate Facebook

My recent decision to deactivate Facebook came hot on the heels of watching The Great Hack – which delves into the Cambridge Analytica scandal. I now view the “harmless fun” of social media in a totally different way. We are mere data points to these giants – to be sold to and manipulated. Coming off Facebook isn’t for everyone, but if we stay we should do so with the full knowledge of what it is we’ve signed up to. Most of us don’t have a clue how our data is used. Considering they have 2 billion+ users that’s pretty scary. I’d like to urge you all to watch The Great Hack (trailer below). Also take a look at this eye opening website, which is dedicated to educating people about the darker side of Facebook.

Facebook and mental health

Asides from the data aspect, the correlation between too much time spent on social media and declining mental health is undeniable. I’ve written about this topic many times over the years and have gone back and forth with online breaks but it wasn’t enough. Being on Facebook simply was not sitting right with me anymore. Everyone is different, but there is something about it that suckers me in more than the other platforms.

As little as ten or fifteen minutes usage was leaving me feeling low, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise. After all, it’s common knowledge the infamous algorithms are highly addictive and wreak havoc with our dopamine levels (which has been linked to many disorders including anorexia and ADHD).

Are you ready to deactivate your account?

Deactivation used to be a lot more complex than it is now. I’ve had a few conversations this last week where friends have said they want to do it, but are put off by the idea of extra admin. Below I shall walk you though the incredibly simple process, which will cost you approximately one minute in time. Deactivation is also a great way to test the water to see if you want to go the whole hog and permanently delete your account.

Step one: go into your settings menu

Step two: select the account ownership and control option

deactivate facebook step two

Step three: select the deactivation and deletion option

Step four: confirm that you want to deactivate your Facebook account

deactivate facebook step four

Step five: don’t forget to opt out of future notifications, otherwise you’ll still get emails every time someone tags you in a post

deactivate facebook step five

Step six: tell Facebook why you have decided to deactivate your account

deactivate facebook step six

Now that your Facebook account has been deactivated, what will you do with all your extra time?

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