Competition Time: Top Picks from the new Go Jetters range, and your Chance to Win a Jet Pad and Grimbler worth £55!

go-jetters-collageThere was silly amounts of joy here this week when we discovered that the new series of Go Jetters is being shown. From my perspective, as a parent and home educator, Go Jetters encompasses everything that’s good about kids TV.

Not only are the characters fun, engaging and un-annoying, the best thing (for me) is that my children are stealth learning about the world while they watch. You really can’t ask for more as far as I’m concerned.

My littlest two Clara (4) and Freddy (2), will absolutely adore the brand new range of Go Jetters toys that came out recently. They are well made, sturdy toys, which would make perfect pressies for all the Go Jetters-mad kids out there. I can’t wait to see C & F’s faces on Christmas Day when they open their presents. Which also happen to be…

My top picks from the Go Jetters range!

Go Jetters Jet Pad

go-jetters-jet-padA must for all Go Jetters fans, this is The Jet Pad (aka Go Jetters HQ), as seen on the show. The toy comes fully equipped with action figure Kyan, a fab projection feature and rolling wheels. It’s a musical toy with lots of fun sounds, phrases and the theme tune, so your little ones can sing along when they go on their next geographical adventure! Once opened, the projector flips to reveal eight landmark images on the control panel, which your child has to ensure haven’t been glitched. They can use the ladder to climb up to the second floor, and slide Kyan along to see the bay doors open, which reveal a secret room. Inside they will find two click ons, and they can place Kyan in his G.O. boots, and manually extend his G.O. grab arm. For the full spec, please click here.

Action Grimbler

go-jetters-grimblerAs all Go Jetters fans will know, the team have to work together to save the world’s most famous landmarks from their naughty nemesis, Grandmaster Glitch, who travels around the world inside his Grimbler. Is it a rocket, is it a spacecraft or is it a submarine? From what I can gather, it’s a combination of all three, and he never travels alone. The Action Grimbler comes complete with Grandmaster Glitch and a sidekick Grimbot. Your child can pretend to glitch landmarks, so that the Go Jetters can unglitch them. The Grimbler has rolling wheels and Glitch’s moustache pops in and out as you roll it along, which is very cool indeed. For the full spec, please click here.

Plush Talking Ubercorn


Ubercorn is our favourite character from the series, and I knew I had to get two of these, otherwise I’d have world war three on my hands between Clara and Freddy come Christmas Day! This super soft and fluffy talking Ubercorn has got some seriously funky songs that he sings when you squeeze his belly. Ubercorn is part mentor, part disco dancer and part geography guide to the Go Jetters, and this gorgeous, fun toy does not disappoint. For the full spec, please click here.

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Competition rules
– winner will be notified by email, to ensure delivery before Christmas, please ensure you promptly reply with your delivery address   
– over 18’s only
– UK residents only
– no cash alternative given
– prize will be sent directly by the Go Jetters PR Team

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